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Logistyx Technologies is the leader in multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions, providing a cloud-based solution with state-of-the-art business intelligence and a carrier library of more than 550 carriers–empowering organizations to achieve on-time delivery in full worldwide while improving profits per shipment.

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With 1,500 years of combined experience and 800 global customers, what Logistyx unequivocally knows is for large enterprises tackling complex distribution scenarios and same-day/next-day delivery expectations, there is no “one size fits all” approach to parcel shipping. Carrier networks vary. Fulfillment scenarios differ. Customs and cross-border regulations diverge from one region to the next. But despite these nuances, all Logistyx implementations have one common element: data. Therefore, we continuously create and iterate cloud parcel shipping technology that is data-driven.

Logistyx Global Locations on MapOur mission is to eliminate information silos and synchronize all data points. From visualizing the impact of changes in carrier contracts and rates to proactively notifying a customer of a delivery event, Logistyx customers make informed parcel shipping decisions. The best carrier contracts are secured, facilities and inventory are optimized for planned order fulfillment, and carrier service selections are made to align with client delivery expectations and cost impact. When these are complete, shippers maximize profits per shipment and eliminate the time, money, and labor resources necessary to address post-shipping problems.

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Logistyx boasts a proud history of innovation. Yesterday, we were a small group of entrepreneurs passionate about leveraging technology and teamwork to simplify the complexity of multi-carrier parcel shipping. Today, we are a global leader dedicated to transforming the parcel delivery lifecycle. We want to be your partner in unleashing your potential through crystal-clear shipment visibility, measurable delivery performance, and lasting financial results.

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