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Logistyx Technologies and JDA (now Blue Yonder) Accelerate Advanced Parcel Management Solution for Customers

Annual Milestone of partnership delivers fully integrated solution for high-volume shipping environments

Rolling Meadows, Ill. (February 12, 2019) – Logistyx Technologies (www.logistyx.com), the leader in Transportation Management for parcels, today announced that its partnership with JDA Software, Inc., now Blue Yonder, to offer a fully integrated parcel shipping solution for JDA Warehouse Management customers – which reaches its one-year milestone this month – has yielded a wealth of business benefits for customers and is poised to deliver even greater returns as the partnership moves into its second year.In the partnership’s inaugural year, Logistyx and JDA collaborated to validate Logistyx’s integration with JDA’s Parcel Handler Interface (PHI), optimizing the workflow between JDA Warehouse Management and Logistyx for high-volume, enterprise shipping environments.

The Logistyx/PHI solution automates the entire JDA parcel shipping process from real-time order entry, carrier rating and routing, through pack verification, weighing, consolidation, labeling and manifesting. JDA’s customers gain key parcel shipping functionality from the parcel management solution, including:

  • Seamless integration with JDA Warehouse Management as a high-performance black-box solution with support for fully automated manifesting and in-line parcel labeling
  • Advanced fulfillment capabilities that support all major shipping transactions such as high-speed rating, time-in-transit, shipment hold and release, label print and reprint, manifest close-out and others, as well as address verification, party screening, ACE filing, labeling, export documentation and instant tracking
  • Access to more than 4,500 global freight and parcel carrier services, including low cost regional and local operators
  • Industry-leading carrier compatibility, ensuring the customer has complete and unimpeded access to the entire carrier service suite via any version of JDA Warehouse Management

The first year of the Logistyx/JDA partnership reached numerous achievements for customers, including:

  • More than 30 high-volume distribution centers are now leveraging the joint solution – and many other customers have begun to implement it
  • Makita, MasterLock, and other globally recognized companies use the joint solution to automate and accelerate their entire JDA parcel shipping process
  • With the Logistyx/JDA PHI solution, customers can use 100 percent of the carrier product suites and stay compatible with carrier changes; customers, for example, can substantially cut time and costs when upgrading the FedEx Ship Manager Server (FSMS) in just minutes, a process that often takes days or even weeks

“Over the past year, many customers have adopted our joint solution with great success,” said Steve Simmerman, Senior Director of Global Alliances & Partners at JDA. “JDA Warehouse Management users that have a large parcel freight spend have been able to utilize the Logistyx/JDA PHI solution to better manage their parcel shipping activities, while employing a much more diverse and blended carrier strategy. With e-commerce growing exponentially around the globe, the Logistyx/JDA PHI platform empowers our customers to utilize the full complement of carriers and services available in the industry throughout their supply chain network, while at the same time improving and accelerating delivery times and reducing parcel freight spend.”

Concurring with Simmerman, Matthew Butler, JDA’s Director of Industry Strategy added, “As a leading innovator in the supply chain software space, JDA always strives to introduce products and services that revolutionize the industry. Aligning with Logistyx Technologies is just another example of how JDA has worked tirelessly to bring best-of-breed solutions to our customers. The products we offer jointly with Logistyx now give our valued customers access to carriers and services that will support any parcel shipping strategy they wish to utilize.”

As the Logistyx/JDA partnership advances to its second year, JDA Warehouse Management customers can expect to gain even more business advantages. Among the next generation parcel management solutions Logistyx plans to launch is TME 3, its new revolutionary true single global enterprise parcel engine.