Faes Group

Faes Group Automates Transportation Planning and Improves Customer Service with Logistyx Transportation Management System

Faes Group is the leading manufacturer and consultant of custom sustainable packing solutions in Europe, providing flight cases, boxes, containers, racks and more to meet the packing and  transportation needs of some of the world’s largest and most well-known organizations, which are sold under Faes Cases, SKB and FPC Beyond Packaging.

Business Challenge

Faes Group’s staff was manually planning its transportation: physically creating each transport order, calling a large number of carriers to verify pricing and schedule transport, and tracking transport movements through phone calls and email exchanges with carriers’ customer service teams.


After a couple of failed starts with various supply chain technology applications, Faes Group ultimately chose the Logistyx Transportation Management System to integrate with their large carrier network and automate their end-to-end shipping processes.

Read this case study to find out how Faes Group was able to:

  • Increase supply chain agility
  • Improve transportation efficiency
  • Improve freight auditing

…all with the Logistyx Transportation Management System for parcel shipping.

To learn more about the Faes Group solution, click below to read the full case study.