MCT Manufacturer

MCT Manufacturer Reduces Transportation Costs by 18% with Logistyx Shipping and Oracle OTM

Business Challenge

The world’s largest Motion Control Technology & Systems (MCT) manufacturer, needed new logistics technology to streamline and improve its global transportation network. With eight distribution centers and customers in 48 countries, the company chose Logistyx to meet their unique parcel shipping requirements. 


They implemented Logistyx TME with Oracle OTM with reverse routing, packing, manifesting and management modules deployed at 10 packing stations in multiple distribution centers. Logistyx was successfully deployed on budget within several months. With Logistyx, the MCT Manufacturer has reduced its overall transportation spend by 18 percent, as a result of streamlining operations, and reducing labor, material and carrier costs.

“Logistyx was able to expose our corporate contract carrier rates in OTM to our division locations worldwide, resulting in an 18% reduction in transportation costs, thereby allowing us to meet and exceed our LEAN objectives.” Division VP, Supply Chain Operations


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