Wholesale Marine

Wholesale Marine Streamlines and Accelerates Order Fulfillment with the IDIM 300 Dimensioning System

An online retailer since 2006, Wholesale Marine embraces the motto “We are boaters.” With nationwide distribution and the best prices for high-quality products, Wholesale Marine stocks approximately 20,000 different SKUs in its Cincinnati, OH warehouse.

Business Challenge

Traditionally, Wholesale Marine’s shipping costs were based exclusively on actual package weight. However, when several small parcel shipping carriers expanded their dimensional weight (dim weight) freight rating programs to better maximize capacity, Wholesale Marine became susceptible to additional fees, back charges and freight compliance issues from miscalculated package dimensions. Determining the dimensional weight by manually measuring a package and calculating the formula was labor-intensive, especially as Wholesale Marine was shipping hundreds (or thousands) of packages daily.


After reviewing solutions that would help eliminate manual labor, they went with the iDim 300. The iDim 300 is a 3D imaging and sensing technology system that instantly captures dimensions of normal packages like boxed Yeti® coolers, as well as irregular shapes such as shrink-wrapped anchors and polybags filled with fishing accessories. It is an easy addition to almost any warehouse or shipping department, and since it operates on imaging technology with no moving parts, maintenance is virtually non-existent.


  • Reduced labor by eliminating manual processes
  • Accelerated fulfillment with a solution that auto-captures dimensions, compares carrier rates and generates labels
  • Reduced freight costs by eliminating carrier surcharges on invoices