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Logistyx Keeps the Pages Turning at Rockpoint Logistics

Rockpoint Logistics realizes a 3% reduction in overall transportation spend and adds new carrier services to its network.

For specialty publishers like universities, professional groups and trade organizations, the prospect of printing, stocking and shipping individual titles is inefficient if not outright impossible. However, their buyers, including schools, bookstores, and consumers themselves, still expect rapid fulfillment of orders. Bridging this gap is Rockpoint Logistics, which stocks and distributes more than 1 million books, DVDs and other material for hundreds of specialty publisher clients.

Business Challenge

Faced with an aging parcel shipping system and limited carrier selections, RockPoint Logistics sought out a solution to completely revitalize their shipping and transportation management operations. Among other specifications, Rockpoint required the new system to integrate with their JDA Red Prairie WMS system and provide real time pricing and routing for all their carriers.


Rockpoint chose the Logistyx Technologies multi-carrier parcel shipping software solution to automate their entire fulfillment process. Logistyx verifies package contents, instantly calculates the best carrier option, and helps streamline the daily execution of more than 8,000 parcel shipments.


  • 3% reduction in overall transportation spend
  • Increase in customer satisfaction by offering better delivery options
  • Real-time access to transit status, proof-of-delivery and management reports


Logistyx Helps NFS Meet Shipping Commitments

National Fulfillment Services accommodates high volumes of varying shipment demands and achieves savings across the supply chain.

National Fulfillment Services Case Study by Logistyx TechnologiesNational Fulfillment Services (NFS) is a complete fulfillment services solution that excels in handling warehousing and distribution, customer service, and order processing for B2B and B2C companies. As a distributor of everything from home furnishings, supplements and health care products, NFS has a vast array of inventory, and each client can have specialized delivery service level requirements.

Business Challenge

With customers shipping everything from DVDs to chandeliers, optimizing the shipping lanes to select the fastest most cost-effective way to ship was getting too complex to manage. That’s when Tom Krueger, Vice President of NFS knew he had a problem, and in looking at potential solution providers, identified the following core requirements:

  • Elasticity to modify shipping lanes in an ever-changing environment
  • Compatibility with NFS move to an eVS supplier for the USPS
  • Ability to implement complex business rules
  • Reduction of transportation and labor costs


NFS chose Logistyx Technologies for the capabilities they needed. Logistyx installed its multi-carrier parcel shipping solution in the company’s Philadelphia-based distribution center, to streamline domestic and international shipping. With the new parcel shipping solution in place, NFS has been able to reduce its labor, material and transportation spend. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming shipping system questions and technology requirements.

Logistyx Helps 3PL Improve Order Processing Accuracy

Tagg Logistics easily handles high order volumes from a diverse client base while improving order processing accuracy.

TAGG Logistics is a leading order fulfillment and third party logistics (3PL) provider focused on helping businesses cost-effectively handle their order fulfillment and distribution challenges. Operating out of facilities in St. Louis, Missouri (MO) and Reno, Nevada (NV), the company serves a nationwide client base of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers shipping to their customers throughout North America and around the world.

Business Challenge

Tod Yazdi and Gary Patterson founded TAGG Logistics in 2006 and began a steady path of aggressive growth. “We knew that we were going to quickly outgrow our legacy systems as they didn’t have the functionality to address the more sophisticated requirements our clients were demanding,” said Yazdi. Based on their plans for growth, TAGG’s team was required to implement new warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management system (TMS) to handle a very high volume and diverse order fulfillment environment.


TAGG reviewed several systems, and they chose the Cadence WMS by Cadre Technologies solution along with Logistyx Technologies multi-carrier parcel shipping software. Cadence and Ship-IT are tightly integrated with a scalable architecture to exchange information in real-time to create the most efficient fulfillment processes.


  • Faster pick rates
  • Improved inventory tracking
  • Sophisticated, yet streamlined shipment processing
  • Customer-specific shipping programs
  • Paperless international shipping