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FedEx Announces 2021 Rate Increases

Retailers can continue to expect rising prices for shipping parcels beyond peak season 2020, as FedEx recently unveiled rate increases and late fees set to take effect in 2021. Starting in January, FedEx will raise rates an average of 4.9% for its Ground, Express, and Home Delivery services, along with charging a 6% late fee to U.S. FedEx Express and FedEx Ground customers who don’t pay invoices within their agreed upon payment terms.

These latest rate increases come on the tail of FedEx and other major carriers levying surcharges in advance of the 2020 holiday shopping season. All together, these recurrent carrier rate increases point to the continued growth of e-commerce, propelled in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic and consumers’ shifting shopping behaviors. According to a consumer insights survey by Radial, for example, 66% of U.S. shoppers anticipate they will increase their online purchases during the 2020 holiday season, with 60% planning to shop less in-store this season due to fear of COVID-19 exposure.

As consumers increasingly turn to omnichannel shopping to safely buy goods during and beyond the pandemic, shipping volume has increased exponentially, putting increased demand on carriers and leading to the rollout of these surcharges and increased rates to offset costs.

As retailers continue to face these rate increases in tandem with higher levels of online orders, they’re challenged with the need to manage these volumes successfully and offer cost-effective ways to meet rapidly evolving customer demands. Growing their carrier network can help any merchant effectively tackle these challenges by introducing more options and capacity into the parcel delivery mix.

New call-to-actionImplementing and optimizing a multi-carrier parcel shipping strategy serves as a key component in cost control for retailers and their ability to quickly react to carrier surcharges and rate increases. By leveraging a cloud multi-carrier shipping system, retailers can provide a consistent level of service to customers despite the surging demand for carrier capacity by accessing and automatically comparing different carriers’ rates to select the optimal carrier service for each shipment.

To learn more about how a multi-carrier shipping system can help your business optimize parcel shipping to help control costs, contact us today.

Logistyx Honored with 2020 FedEx Diamond and Platinum Tier Awards

For the second year in a row, Logistyx received double the honors from FedEx, having just secured both FedEx Compatible Diamond and Platinum Tier Awards for 2020. Selection criteria of the awards include customer compliance; year-over-year growth in volume, revenues and customer installations; and maintaining annual software certifications.

In addition, to better serve the world’s largest shippers, Logistyx recently completed its integration with FedEx FUSE.

To find out more about how Logistyx continues to build upon prior success to improve performance and capabilities for the world’s top shippers, read the full FedEx Compatible Awards press release and news brief from Logistyx Business.

Logistyx Doubles Down on its FedEx Diamond Tier Status

Of the estimated 120 million skiers across the world, only a handful have the expertise to successfully descend a Double Diamond, which, for good reasons, less experienced skiers tend to avoid. Though it didn’t require us to navigate around an ice wall or make a near-vertical drop off a horizontal collection of rocks, Logistyx Technologies recently scored a rare Double Diamond victory of our own. As we announced about a month ago, Logistyx was honored by FedEx with its Diamond Tier Award for 2019, which the global carrier bestows only upon a select few of their most experienced and gifted parcel shipping partners. What we neglected to mention then – but are extremely proud to point out now – is that Logistyx didn’t just receive one Diamond Tier Award. We got two. And making this Double Diamond achievement has got all of us around here as pumped up as a skier who just conquered Corbet’s Couloir. Why? Because in honoring us with two Diamond Tier trophies, FedEx is telling us and our customers across the globe – not just once, but twice – that we are among a chosen few FedEx partners who have exactly what it takes to accelerate the parcel shipping performance and capabilities for the world’s top brands, manufacturers, distributors, e-commerce companies, and third-party logistics providers.

Logistyx CEO Geoffrey Finlay and Jeff Lomax, Vice President, Product Management, standing in front of Logistyx sign holding Diamond Tier award trophies.
Logistyx CEO Geoffrey Finlay gives a warm welcome back to Jeff Lomax, Vice President, Product Management, upon his return from a FedEx award ceremony in which Logistyx received not just one – but two – highly coveted and extremely rare Diamond Tier award trophies.