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Master Lock Cracks the Code with Logistyx TME

Master Lock Cracks the Code with the Logistyx TME Parcel Shipping System Integrated with Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) Warehouse Management

The Challenge

While looking at various parcel shipping software packages with Master Lock, Open Sky Group proposed retrofitting JDA’s (now Blue Yonder) Parcel Handling Integrator (Blue Yonder PHI) to work with Master Lock’s version of Blue Yonder Warehouse Management. This retrofit was essential for Master Lock to continue shipping normally—regardless of the parcel shipping software they chose.

The Solution

Master Lock chose Logistyx Technologies’ Transportation Management Execution (TME) multi-carrier parcel shipping solution and worked with Open Sky Group to retrofit the Blue Yonder PHI to their Blue Yonder Warehouse Management. Using Logistyx TME with Blue Yonder PHI would allow Master Lock to ship to Canada without using a separate system and prepare them for their future WMS upgrade.

The Results

Master Lock was able to seamlessly deliver uninterrupted services to their broad customer base through the partnership with Open Sky Group, Logistyx, and Blue Yonder for the delivery of their parcel solution.

Polishing Delivery Processes with Logistyx TME

“On Trend, On Time” is Gemline’s promise to more than 20,000 corporate customers who rely on the company for the latest in promotional items.

From fine writing instruments to coolers and the latest solar-powered phone chargers, Gemline sources more than 1,000 products for shipment across the US, Canada, EU, and Asia.

The Challenge

To ensure on-time delivery, Gemline turned to Gartner. Gartner analyzed operations and recommended the IFS Business Partner Logistyx Technologies.

Gemline wanted to:
  • Replace its insufficient shipping application and retire its carrier provided systems
  • Implement a more flexible method of onboarding new carrier services to maximize value for customers
  • Reduce labor-intensive shipping processes and streamline export compliance
  • Retain their “bill-as/ship-as” rating process and “blind ship from” requirement

The Solution

Logistyx TME with routing, packing, manifesting and management modules deployed at six-pack stations in one DC.

Logistyx TME Drives Omni-Channel Experience

Dillard’s keeps pace with significant e-commerce growth and meets increased customer expectations.

Dillard’s Inc. ranks among the nation’s largest fashion apparel, cosmetics and home furnishings retailers with annual sales exceeding $6.5 billion. Dillard’s focuses on delivering maximum fashion and value to their shoppers by offering compelling selections complemented by exceptional customer care.

Business Challenge

Dillard’s currently does a lot of parcel shipping at the store level through their “find program.” This is a program that uses its order management system to locate the exact item a customer desires and ships it from that specific store. All e-commerce orders are shipped from their e-commerce warehouse if inventory is available. If the warehouse doesn’t have the item, Dillard’s turned to a store to meet the customer’s needs. Dillard’s was looking for the ability to integrate their shipping, order fulfillment, and packing process all into one system.


Dillard’s chose Logistyx Technologies integrated with FedEx shipping functionality to simplify the delivery of items sold across their various channels. The Logistyx TME solution streamlines efficiencies within Dillard’s network by managing and executing their routing guide, including time-in-transit variables, and managing all the FedEx and USPS Carrier Compliance, labels, manifest, and EDI’s.


  • Easy customer shipment notifications
  • Freight savings by rating and routing carrier selections
  • Optimize businesses’ transportation performance by providing complete visibility and control for inbound and outbound shipments

Logistyx TME for Parcel Doubles Shipping Throughput for Lightbulbs.com

Lightbulbs.com easily transitions from six shipping stations to two, despite doubling e-commerce shipping volumes.

Service Lighting and their online superstore, LightBulbs.com, have provided lighting solutions for more than 1 million businesses and homes since 1951. When Paul McLellan, President, launched the company’s online store in 1996, he knew that technology was going to drive the growth of their company. Now, their eCommerce site brings in 80% of their business.

Business Challenge

LightBulbs.com had six shipping workstations, all with standalone, carrier-provided shipping software. The shipping process was cumbersome.


LightBulbs.com was able to go from six shipping workstations to two stations, combining the Logistyx parcel shipping software, Rice Lake iDim 3D Dimensioning systems, and two Size-IT mobile dimensioning calculators. They gained tremendous efficiency. When sales doubled in their peak season, they were able to handle all of the shipping volume on the two shipping workstations without adding staff.