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Join Logistyx at the 2022 E-Commerce Operations Technology Summit

Hello everyone, Logistyx here. Despite the new year getting off to a somewhat rocky start, we’re feeling optimistic and excited to share that we will be participating in E-Commerce Operations Technology Summit, taking place April 11-13 in Orlando.

E-Commerce Operations Technology Summit is our first trade show of 2022, and in anticipation of a full, in-person event calendar, we’re polishing up our new product demos and ordering extras of our favorite giveaways (hint: feeling hungry?). Our team will be located at Booth #211, and we can’t wait to chat with you about how Logistyx’s multi-carrier parcel shipping technology can help you expand your carrier network, streamline your order fulfillment workflows, integrate your supply chain technology stack in the cloud, scale your shipping volumes, and reduce your business’s shipping costs (Phew! That’s a lot!) – all without adding headcount.

If you’re an old friend, you already know Logistyx is a global leader and that we stake our claim on innovation, reliability, and support. Please come by and say hello. We’d like to learn how we can continue to earn your business.

But if you’re not familiar with Logistyx, we would be honored to meet you and to better understand your parcel shipping needs. Logistyx is an industry change agent, and we have resources to hand out and guidance on best practices. Additionally, our very own sales engineers will be on site to demonstrate our state-of-the-art solution and to share some of our most complex use cases. You can discover how shippers such as Foot Locker, Crate and Barrel, The Container Store, Walgreens, Pfizer, and more achieve on time delivery at the optimal cost – even during peak season – and then of course learn how you too can improve the customer delivery experience and hit your shipping KPIs in any shipping climate.

Logistyx’s accolades in 2021 include being named the #1 Fulfillment Software Provider to Digital Commerce 360’s Top 1000 Retailers (for the third straight year, we might add), as well as one of Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America. So, at the risk of sending trite rhymes into the metaverse, “Stop by and discover why!”

If you prefer to plan ahead and would like to schedule a meeting with a shipping expert on our team, you can sign up here.

And if you won’t be attending the trade show, no worries! You can still schedule a time to speak with a member of our team to receive a free product tour here.

See you in Orlando!

About E-Commerce Operations Technology Summit 2022

Ecommerce Operations Technology Summit is dedicated to showcasing the innovations of the future to meet today’s operational challenges and strategies for success. Experts will provide insight and ideas to set up your entire DTC operations for what’s next. A full list of conference speakers is available here.

For more on the conference agenda, please visit here.



Parcel Forum 2021: A Monumental Event

Parcel Forum 2021, dubbed “the essential learning event for e-commerce-centric (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) shippers” is next week – and it’s in-person!  And we’re going!  You’ll have to forgive us in advance if we’re still wearing our blue light glasses and slippers – it’s been a while since we’ve seen you.  But just because we’ve been socially distanced (and more) for the last year and a half, doesn’t mean our industry experts aren’t ready to share our innovative technology, best practices, and customer success stories.  On the contrary, a quick visit to booth #100 will give you some insight into how Walgreens, Pfizer, Footlocker, and more are getting products (including vaccinations!) to customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Simplify the Complexity of this Unprecedented Shipping Landscape

In the last 18 months, shipping rates to some regions have skyrocketed a staggering 443% due to shortages, limited carrier capacity, and the increased demand COVID brought to the scene, and we’re heading to Parcel Forum ready to help you simplify the complexity of this unprecedented shipping landscape.  Be sure to stop by to say hello, take a product tour, and explore how our cloud-based multi-carrier parcel shipping technology can be a real competitive differentiator when it comes to optimizing your order fulfillment by:

  • Quickly onboarding new carriers
  • Empowering you to meet shipping demands while controlling costs by automating and optimizing carrier selection – accounting for best value rates, business rules, and customer delivery preferences with each order.
  • Complying with more than 550 global carriers and executing cross-border shipments.
  • Ensuring on-time delivery in full and improving customer service performance metrics.
  • Flagging unforeseen delivery events, automating delivery exception decisions, and producing carrier performance scorecards.
  • Increasing shipping volumes without adding staff or costs to the process.
  • Informing complex decisions such as how to deploy zone skipping; ideal inventory placement strategies; and which business rules to apply for rapid parcel carrier selection.
  • Seamlessly integrating with e-commerce, ERP, WMS, OMS, and TMS solutions to create a “one-touch” shipping ecosystem that seamlessly executes same-day/next-day delivery, ship-from-store, BOPIS, returns, and more.

Need more incentive to leave your home office behind?  As described in a recent report from the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) with McKinsey & Company, “With e-commerce projected to reach 25-40% of sales across categories after the pandemic abates, retailers must understand the role of digital shifts on the customer journey, upgrade e-commerce capabilities, and rethink the network as the role of the store blurs.”  Translation: adopting and implementing supply chain technology that fuels omnichannel retail strategies is critical to improving customer service and profitability in this unprecedented e-commerce landscape.

And where better to explore technology solutions than the exhibitor floor of Parcel Forum 2021?  Walk the aisles, grab the swag (we’ll have eats and more, for the record), and talk to the experts about how their state-of-the-art solutions can reduce costs and ship faster (repeat: booth #100!).

Join Us!

Because we’ve all been off the in-person trade show circuit for 14+ months, we’re predicting Parcel Forum will draw a larger and more diverse audience together this year than ever before. So, join us in D.C. and schedule some time to meet one-to-one with Logistyx professionals.  See why Logistyx was named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America and network with industry peers to discuss common challenges and discover solutions.  There’s no time like the present to reimagine your parcel shipping and transform your order fulfillment.

Schedule a meeting today or stop by Booth #100.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!

3 Reasons to Join Logistyx at E-Commerce Operations Summit 2021

Technology, world-class content, and networking: three reasons to join Logistyx at E-Commerce Operations Summit 2021.

It’s probably hard to remember at this point what attending an in-person industry event was like, so we thought we’d take the liberty of reminding you that they’re informative… and forward-thinking… and fun!  They’re a good way to discover new ways to navigate the current market landscape, and they’re a great way to connect with key industry players to collaborate and learn.  Hence, we must collectively turn our attention to the next event…

E-Commerce Operations Summit is the world’s only event dedicated to future-proofing e-commerce operations, and this year it’s taking place IN PERSON from August 17-18 in Nashville, which means that you have the perfect excuse to wear your favorite cowboy boots while attending dozens of sessions devoted to omnichannel and direct-to-consumer operations and fulfillment.

You’ll expand your knowledge, engage with other e-commerce gurus, and get inspired to create exceptional e-commerce customer experiences that drive business growth and brand loyalty.  But in case that isn’t enough, here are three more reasons to join us at the Summit:

1. Technology implementations are accelerating as e-commerce evolves.

As discussed in a recent report from the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) with McKinsey & Company, “With e-commerce projected to reach 25-40% of sales across categories after the pandemic abates, retailers must understand the role of digital shifts on the customer journey, upgrade e-commerce capabilities, and rethink the network as the role of the store blurs.”  Translation: adopting and implementing supply chain technology that fuels omnichannel retail strategies is critical to improving customer service and profitability in this unprecedented e-commerce landscape.

And where better to explore technology solutions than the exhibitor floor of E-Commerce Operations Summit 2021?  Walk the aisles, grab the swag, and talk to the experts about how their state-of-the-art solutions can make your customers happy, reduce costs, develop and retain the best people, and ship faster (booth #717!).

 2.  Relevant, world-class content is always a good thing.

At this year’s Summit, you’ll have access to a broad array of content that’s targeted directly to what you’re experiencing day to day at work—regardless of your title.  Customer stories, best practices, and product expertise for all audiences will be on the menu.  And some of the sessions (see the last entry below) will be sponsored by yours truly!  Here are a few sessions we’ve circled on our agenda:

Getting your Shipping Plans Buttoned up Heading into Peak (2:30 pm – 3:15 pm, 8/17)

Moderator: Nate Skiver, Founder, LPF Spend Management

Panelist: Israel Maynard, Senior Director, International Logistics and Fulfillment, Burton

Panelist: Michael Shaughnessy, EVP, Operations, Supply Chain & Emerging Markets, Balsam Brands

“There’s a steady drumbeat of news about the latest and greatest in fulfillment and delivery innovation from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc. The deep-pocketed majors continue to pour millions (even billions) into technology, facilities, personnel, and strategies to shrink the last mile, tap vast networks, get it there yesterday, and deliver an outsized experience. But what about the rest of the market? What kind of solutions and practices can be put in place to optimize the last mile and bedazzle your customers? This session will explore practical tips and solutions that will enable mid-market players to punch above their weight.”

Meeting the One- to Two-Day Delivery Challenge: A Strategy to Drive Profitable Fulfillment (9:30 am – 10:15 am, 8/18)

Speaker: Michael Ryan, VP, Parcel Solutions, Flat World Global Solutions

“There are many cross-border options available for enterprise retailers, but limited options for smaller shippers. The characteristics of your shipping profile will drive the best options. This session will dig into these specific areas: transit, product value, commodity, and product margin.”

The Ins and Outs of International Shipping for SMBs (1:30 pm – 2:15 pm, 8/18)

Speaker: Michael Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder, Etail Solutions

Speaker: Rob Feiler, CEO, Max Warehouse

“Ecommerce shoppers demand one-, two-, and even same-day delivery. This creates massive logistics and profitability challenges, which often can only be met by placing inventory in multiple locations closer to customers to cut fulfillment delivery time and expense. It’s called distributed logistics, and it’s moved from something only large companies could consider to table stakes for all e-commerce brands. This session examines how any size brand can leverage distributed logistics and new fulfillment models like 3PL networks, marketplace fulfillment, BOPIS, and others to profitability meet the one– to two-day delivery challenge, improving margins while minimizing risk and upfront investment.”

3. Great Networking Opportunities at E-Commerce Operations Summit 2021

Because we’ve all been off the in-person trade show circuit for 14+ months, we’re predicting E-Commerce Operations Summit will draw a larger and more diverse audience together this year than ever before. So plan now to connect with subject matter experts from Logistyx (and others) to learn more about trends, products, and e-commerce successes!

Don’t wait.  Schedule a meeting with Logistyx today.

VIDEO: David Hogg Discusses Current Parcel Shipping Challenges with SupplyChainBrain at MODEX 2020

This March, SupplyChainBrain Editor-in-Chief Bob Bowman hosted Vice President of Business Development David Hogg for a chat at MODEX 2020 to discuss four big issues currently facing the parcel shipping industry.

Bob and David covered topics including:

  • Coronavirus: Ways the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted businesses’ supply chains and the importance of building a flexible strategy to adjust operations as the pandemic evolves.
  • Omnichannel fulfillment: Tips for implementing a unified approach to omnichannel shipping by mining data and analytics to optimize efforts and improve customer service.
  • E-commerce returns: Paths for retailers to effectively address e-commerce returns and having an efficient way to reprocess goods.
  • Brexit: Understanding the impacts and requirements of Brexit on cross-border shipping to effectively reevaluate and prepare shipping systems so they’re capable of supporting the oncoming changes.

ebook logistyx quadrant Choosing a TMS for Parcel ShippingAt MODEX 2020, Logistyx joined a host of supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution professionals in Atlanta for four days of educational seminars and networking to experience the newest logistics tech in action. Attendees represented more than 140 countries and a wide variety of companies all seeking cutting-edge supply chain knowledge and solutions.

SupplyChainBrain covers all fundamental supply chain principles, identifies emerging trends, strategies and best practices, forward-thinking ideas, cutting-edge solutions and the latest innovations – reporting on these essential issues as they evolve and mature.Watch the full SupplyChainBrain video featuring David to learn more about the key trends currently confronting the parcel shipping industry.

Connect, Learn, and Meet at MODEX 2020

MODEX 2020 is just around the corner — and with it, the opportunity to gain greater insight into the most notable opportunities and concerns facing the modern supply chain industry. During this highly anticipated event, more than 150 seminars and courses will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including everything from sustainable supply chain solutions to the growing role of machine learning in modern supply chain technology. Also covered: the value of TMS for parcel, along with top options for implementing multi-carrier systems.


These and other concepts addressed at MODEX 2020 promise to completely change the supply chain industry as we know it. Gaining an edge is critical in this competitive market, but as the expo’s many presentations suggest, options abound for boosting both efficiency and profit. Such solutions are not risk-free, however, so it’s important to gain as much knowledge as possible before implementing them. Hence, the value of the expertise on display at MODEX 2020, where you will receive actionable advice from several key players. The following are among the event’s most important takeaways:

Making the Most of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds huge potential in the world of supply chain management. A strategically designed network featuring the right devices could dramatically improve efficiency and accuracy, while also reducing the risk for compliance issues.

Unfortunately, many organizations have yet to harness the IoT’s extraordinary benefits. Often, this reluctance stems from sheer misunderstanding regarding how, exactly, the IoT can best be deployed within supply chain infrastructure. Multiple MODEX seminars address these concerns. In fact, one of the expo’s top locations is actually referred to as IoT 101, underpinning the importance of such discussions at this year’s event.

For 2020, MODEX IoT seminars will largely focus on specific applications within the supply chain industry. From asset tracking and theft prevention to spoilage issues, the IoT can provide a myriad of solutions worth exploring. These options will be highlighted in detail during nearly two dozen tailored seminars, several of which will also address top IoT concerns — and how they can be resolved.

Navigating the Complications of Data Analytics

Big data is a big deal in the supply chain sphere. An increasing volume of analytics promises to deliver the efficiency upon which today’s highly demanding clients and customers insist. Meanwhile, these solutions can cut costs considerably.

If implemented incorrectly, big data initiatives may produce excessive intelligence that provides little actual value. Several seminars at MODEX 2020 offer insight into this common conundrum, as well as suggestions for gathering data that is as relevant, measurable, and actionable as possible. Many sessions also touch on the implementation side of big data initiatives, revealing how new technologies can best be integrated into day-to-day operations.

Sustainable Solutions in Modern Supply Chain Management

Today’s forward-thinking organizations increasingly value sustainable solutions that allow them to minimize their carbon footprint while also cutting notable expenses such as HVAC and water use. Often, the very solutions upon which we rely for reducing environmental impact ultimately produce impressive financial returns. After all, these systems and technologies are explicitly designed with the intention of improving efficiency.

In 2020, top MODEX seminars address the promise of greater sustainability throughout several areas of the industry, including food and automotive supply chains. A variety of sessions also explore solutions that can be leveraged across several niche areas. These include sustainable packaging, design thinking, and last inch handoff, among others.

TMS for Parcel Shipping: Achieving Maximum ROI

If you’re interested in implementing a transportation management solution for parcel, you’ll definitely want to check out the on-floor seminar sponsored by Logistyx and presented by Vice President of Business Development David Hogg. This session will cover the impressive return on investment made possible through cost-effective TMS options. These solutions produce such high returns, in part, because they are uniquely capable of handling sudden increases in parcel volumes.

In addition to detailing the wide range of benefits associated with TMS for parcel, the Logistyx seminar will also delve into the potential challenges associated with this approach. Chief among them? Convincing key players of the need for effective TMS strategies. Following this session, you will understand how to use existing parcel shipping data to highlight the value of multi-carrier solutions for your organization.

MODEX 2020 promises to expand your horizons regarding supply chain solutions and shipping technology. No matter your goals for implementing today’s most exciting tech solutions, you’ll have no trouble gaining the detailed insight you need during this important event.

As you explore the many promising seminars at this year’s MODEX gathering, don’t hesitate to hit up the Logistyx presentation on March 11 in Theater D. You’ll be glad you took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the most impactful opportunities shaking up supply chain technology.

Schedule a MODEX 2020 meeting with Logistyx

The Top 3 Reasons to Visit Logistyx at NRF 2020

If you’re planning on attending the NRF Retail’s BIG Show in New York City this January, then you’re probably doing your research on how to make the most of the event — and understandably so. With 700+ exhibitors, making the best use of your time at the world’s largest retail show in the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world can feel like mission impossible. Having exhibited in years past, the team here at Logistyx knows how overwhelming it can be to pick the must-visit booths and events in advance, so we’re here to tell you three reasons why visiting Logistyx at NRF 2020 should be at the top of your list.

1. Business Intelligence Will Be Front and Center at NRF 2020

You don’t need a crystal ball to predict that data analytics and Business Intelligence will be a hot topic in parcel shipping this year, and therefore front and center for all innovative parcel shipping technology vendors at NRF. After all, according to Gartner in the 2019 Market Guide for Multicarrier Parcel Management Solutions (Gartner subscription required) “leading multicarrier parcel solutions vendors are moving past standard execution capability and toward more value-added services. Functionality such as robust business intelligence platforms, front-end commerce/web integration and predictive tools are quickly becoming differentiators in the market…”

Attendees who visit the Logistyx booth at NRF 2020 will leave with a new wealth of knowledge on how Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for parcel shipping can optimize retailers’ strategies and take carrier service selection, delivery event tracking, and freight audit and reporting to the next level. Our product experts will be on hand to demonstrate our newest Business Intelligence features and show you the benefits of connecting your data from carrier selection… to parcel shipping execution… to carrier invoice payment, and then synchronizing it for reporting.

2. Learn More about the Benefits of a Control Tower

Logistyx partner project 44 reported that 74% of consumers surveyed shared when a package isn’t delivered when expected, it negatively impacts their impression of the company.  This means retailers need real-time shipment data and package tracking capabilities, so customer service teams can monitor and proactively address problems to deliver exceptional customer service.

Fortunately, you can ditch your multiple carrier system logins and instead invest in a modern TMS for parcel shipping with a Control Tower to efficiently track delivery event movements, automate event exception management, and proactively communicate with customers regarding their parcel’s ETA.  In fact, our product experts are looking forward to showing you our new Control Tower dashboards and to telling a few “war stories” about how the Logistyx Control Tower has helped some of the world’s leading retailers reduce late deliveries and delight their customers with the right products, at the right places, at just the right time – every time.

3. Master Omnichannel Shipping

If you’d like to see our TMS for parcel shipping in action and learn how it can help you migrate to an omnichannel shipping strategy, stopping by the Logistyx booth is a must! The Logistyx TMS for parcel shipping integrates with larger enterprise systems such as an OMS, WMS, or ERP and streamlines supply chain processes to help retailers successfully navigate the myriad distribution movements they must now have in their arsenal to meet customer expectations, including last mile fulfillment, delivery from warehouse to consumer, from store to consumer, from store to store, from warehouse to third party location for collection by consumer – and back again in the form of returns!

Only at NRF 2020 (Booth #3250)!

How will you grow your retail business in 2020?  Whether you’re looking to satisfy your customers’ growing delivery requirements or seeking the secrets to reducing shipping costs, we’ve got the technology you need to optimize your end-to-end business. NRF attendees can discover first-hand how the Logistyx TMS for parcel shipping helps retailers optimize the customer experience while controlling shipping costs to meet internal profit objectives, so schedule your meeting today!

4 Key Takeaways from Manhattan Exchange 2019

2019 manhattan exchange

Today, innovation in commerce is mainly customer driven. Consumers are demanding to control and personalize their buying experience: delivery in the evening… pick-up at a locker on the way to work… return in store. From the consumer’s perspective, all options are possible. And if you’re a manufacturer or a retailer looking to meet these expectations, you need to create a seamless experience from product discovery to product delivery and delight if you want to win their loyalty.  During the annual Manhattan Exchange conference held in Barcelona, four key themes emerged regarding the customer experience, and how manufacturers and retailers can create a rewarding customer journey.

The Physical Store Lives On

Now, shopping is a digital process.  Whether the initial product search begins online and ends in the store, or whether the entire end-to-end experience takes place digitally, the role of physical stores has changed.  And while there’s no shortage of headlines announcing store closures, “digital” doesn’t have to mean “disappear.”  Several presenters from well renowned retailers including L’Occitane, Kramp, Under Armour, and Logistyx customer Kering, actually emphasized the importance of stores, stressing that while customers might initiate their product search online, they often visit a store to see the actual product in person, and then opt to either purchase the product right there or request delivery to their home or a location convenient to them.  These retailers also reported that many customers still prefer to return products to a physical store, where it’s easy to browse and exchange the product for an item more to their liking.

Apart from product pick-ups, stores are also being used to fulfill online orders, or to accept returns and make them available for resale.  But to execute this successfully, full omnichannel integration from order to delivery is necessary.

Embracing an Omni-Channel Strategy Requires Company-Wide Involvement

Several retailers and manufacturers discussed why their organizations are embracing an omni-channel strategy and highlighted how an omni-channel distribution approach influences different functions throughout their organizations.

These speakers recommended that to implement a successful omnichannel distribution model, it’s important for organizational stakeholders to think beyond shipping (order, collect, invoice) and ensure functions such as purchasing, inventory, and finance are accounted for – and included in – the infrastructure, operations, and platforms. Some speakers recommended leveraging a cross-functional team to build from scratch, with entirely new systems and new processes, but forewarned a pivot of this nature can’t happen overnight.  They also cautioned that when a project’s duration is long, it’s easy for other initiatives to take priority – slowing the implementation plan or causing it to get side-tracked all together. Their key to success? Staying focused on the set endpoint and communicating that endpoint to all stakeholders – including the board – regularly.

Data + Visibility Will Bring You Further

A common theme amongst the presentations at Manhattan Exchange this year was the importance of data, and retailers and manufacturers alike agreed that capturing data and working with the information in a meaningful way is the key to customer engagement and experience. Presenters recommended shippers establish a single source of truth for all data that empowers organizations to answer questions such as:

  • Where is the stock located? From where is it most cost effective, and timely, to ship – distribution center or store?
  • Which carrier service should we leverage for this shipment? Which is cheapest?  Which is fastest?  Which one will deliver to an apartment building or locker?

And once the shipment is in motion, shippers need to ensure they’re capturing delivery event data at each milestone.  Pro-actively providing information to the customer about their product’s whereabouts during the shipping process, especially when things are going as planned, is vital in creating customer loyalty.

Remember, however, it’s not just about shipping data. For example, having detailed insight into stock levels and locations can avoid an unnecessary build-up of inventory, and the ability to see what carriers are doing helps rate their performance and eliminates incorrect invoicing. Data also allows finance teams to allocate revenue to the appropriate sales entity and improves cost accounting accuracy. With a 360- degree view of operations, shippers can either validate business decisions or adjust plans and processes as necessary.

The Rise of the Conscious Consumer

Speed of delivery has been mistaken for convenience. Over the last few years, the delivery mantra has been, “faster equals better.” However, as highlighted in several presentations at Manhattan Exchange, while consumers may be used to speed, speed isn’t necessarily what customers always want.  Increasingly, customers are considering the consequences of their behavior, asking questions such as, “Do I need this tomorrow?” and “Is the packaging environmentally friendly?” They’re also examining how – and where – garments, groceries, and household products are produced.

Markets for secondhand goods are already in full swing with the popularity of online stores such as ThredUp, Poshmark, and Swap on the rise, and several presenters predicted the next innovation in commerce will likely come in the form of zero-waste platforms such as Loop.

The Consumer in the Driver’s Seat

New call-to-actionFrom beginning to end at Manhattan Exchange, it was clear that today, consumers are in the driver’s seat.  They dictate when, where, and how they’re buying, and while manufacturers and retailers may shape their behavior with incentives and offers, ultimately, they have to accommodate their demands to win their loyalty and repeat revenue.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Parcel Forum 2019

Parcel Forum is moseying on over to Dallas – at the Gaylord Texan, to be exact.  And while we believe there are countless reasons why you should saddle up and attend, we’ve picked five of our favorites:

1. Hear from the Experts

This year’s line-up of speakers are proven leaders, strategists, and practitioners in parcel shipping, and whether their expertise is in omnichannel, e-commerce, returns, and/or more, they know what you need to know.  Attend the presentations, network at all of the events, and sign up for the tours.  You’ll get a solid tutorial on tried-and-true best practices and unique insight into new innovations that will change how the world ships parcels.

2. Build Your Network

Parcel Forum’s greatest strength is the attendee list. Whether you’re on the cutting edge of parcel shipping or looking to benefit from the wisdom of others as you formulate your e-commerce strategy for the first time, Parcel Forum will provide you with myriad opportunities to meet others who are currently walking  – or have been long-walking – a similar journey. It’s no secret that supply chain logistics has traditionally been a small (but growing!) field, and spending time and learning from professionals who do similar work gives you the chance to meet, connect in person, forge relationships, and grow and develop your own professional network.

3. Learn from Case Studies

Your parcel shipping colleagues across the country are taking amazing strides forward, and they’re willing to share their learning with you! Multiple sessions will feature real world case studies, where the presenters freely share their methods, resources, and practices that you can take back and adapt in your own shipping environment.  Parcel Forum also offers chances to connect more informally with presenters and other attendees (see #2), so you have ample opportunity to touch base to request more information.

4. Reignite a Passion for Your Work

No, we’re not kidding!  We know we’re all heading into Peak Season.  We know we’re all tired, and for that matter: so are our teams. It becomes easy to forget what we like about our jobs. But have you noticed?  Parcel shipping is in the news  Every. Single. Day.  We may be tired but take a look around: we’re at the heart of supply chain logistics innovation!  What we do, and how we do it, is having a resounding impact in the C-Suite and on Wall Street.  We can actually tell someone at a cocktail party what we do for a living and they get it!  They might even ask us to weigh in on the fastest and cheapest way to send a care package to their college student, or how soon parcel lockers are coming to their local convenience store.  Heck – they might even ask us for a job!  Attending Parcel Forum, sharing our skillsets, and learning how our hard work is contributing to this incredible pivot in B2B and B2C logistics should definitely reignite a passion for our work.  (And if that doesn’t do it, be sure to stop by the Logistyx Cocktail Party in the Silver Bar on October 29 from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm.  RSVP here).

5. Meet with New Vendors and Suppliers

We know we’re biased, but in our opinion, the exhibitors are industry experts and solution-providers who truly understand what’s taking place in today’s parcel shipping environment – and we have answers to your questions! Take advantage of the exhibit hours and be sure to stop by Logistyx Booth #541.  We’re some of the best people for you to get to know if you want to learn more about how our innovative Transportation Management System for parcel shipping is necessary for you to ship more parcels – smarter, faster, and to any destination in the world.  And if that isn’t compelling enough – we’ll have a little taste of Chicago on hand (no offense, Dallas!) to take home with you.

Plane tickets in hand and ready to set up a meeting with Logistyx at Parcel Forum? Contact us today.

3 Reasons to Attend OTM SIG Next Month

With events such as Oracle Modern Business Experience, Promat and Gartner behind us, there’s no time like the present to attend a user group. And if you’re an OTM user, OTM SIG is THE destination of choice. Why, you might ask? Because OTM SIG, taking place August 4-7, brings OTM/GTM users, Oracle representatives, Oracle software partners and other industry parties together to connect and share. OTM users and prospects will gain valuable insight into current features (OTM’s seamless integration with Logistyx TME) and future enhancements. Think this is one of those user groups where the solution provider delivers presentation after presentation? Think again. Oracle has designed OTM SIG to be both interactive and actionable. The agenda is largely case study-based, which means you get access to your peers’ strategies and stories – no death by PowerPoint here – and you walk away with clear, actionable tips you can apply immediately in your role. Still on the fence about whether to attend? Bet we can help. Here are three more reasons to put this on your calendar:

#1: Take a deep dive into numerous topics such as TMS planning and execution, cloud migration, fleet management and more. At OTM SIG, you can expect engaging sessions featuring speakers from the world’s biggest brands including Starbucks, GM, Cummins and Coca-Cola – to name a few. Hear what they have to say on some of the logistics trends impacting all of us:

#2: Be at the forefront of the transportation revolution. Have you noticed? Transportation is undergoing a transformation. Customers want their products now. They want free shipping. And they may be located in new markets. Many manufacturers, retailers and 3PLs are overhauling their transportation strategies and  pioneering new ways of fulfilling and distributing orders to meet these demands.  You can learn more about this shift, how it’s impacting our industry and how you can prepare.

#3: Get real-time parcel shipping advice from Logistyx’s Mike Stoffle and Alex Josephs at Booth #28. Yes, we know you hear from us often, but have you met our experts? Have you heard about the great new things we’re doing? Plan now to stop by booth #28 or schedule a meeting with Mike and Alex to really get to know the Logistyx team and the TME solution. From scaling parcel shipping volumes to expanding beyond a single carrier strategy, Mike and Alex are your people! Introduce yourself and get real-time advice to evaluate your current shipping needs and understand how to best use OTM and Logistyx TME to meet your goals. Convinced? We thought you would be. Grab your coworkers and join us for OTM SIG in Philadelphia August 4-7, where you won’t just hear the conversation—you’ll be a part of it. Schedule a meeting at OTM SIG.

We’re Getting Ready to “Think Big” at JDA (Now Blue Yonder) ICON 2019

Logistyx is excited to head back to JDA ICON (now Blue Yonder ICON), a three-day extravaganza centered on experience building and the convergence of technology and innovation. Dubbed the “Intelligent Supply Chain Conference,” Blue Yonder Icon is an unmissable event in the supply chain calendar, and we’ve got something extra special up our sleeve this year. Take a look: First, we’ll be debuting TME 3.0, our new Transportation Management System (TMS) for parcel shipping. Configured as either a SaaS or multi-tenant cloud solution, TME can guarantee compliance with 550 global carrier services, all of which have certified our technology to help manufacturers and retailers land an integrated transportation strategy worldwide. Next, we’ll be running TME 3.0 product demos (Booth #12A) to show you first-hand how you can set about transforming your company’s supply chain by harnessing Blue Yonder’s SaaS WMS and Logistyx’s TME to create a “one touch” shipping system and yield tremendous gains in efficiency, labor-related savings, and even employee satisfaction. Finally, our very own President and Chief Sales Officer, Ken Fleming, will be on hand to meet with attendees and discuss how top manufacturers, retailers and 3PLs are utilizing TME’s data analytics and Business Intelligence to address two major shifts in the parcel shipping industry today and their effects on enterprise revenue:

  1. Omnichannel distribution
  2. Customer delivery expectations

Be sure to stop by the booth or schedule a meeting with him to learn how you can identify carrier delivery performance improvements and cost saving opportunities to successfully address these shifts and gain a competitive advantage. As Ken will explain, for some of our customers, this advantage may come in the form of identifying and adjusting improperly invoiced items relating to contractual rates, accessories, guaranteed service rebates, claims management, address correction validations or even manifested but not shipped transactions, and for others it may come in the form of modeling and comparing selected carrier services against actual carrier performance to find routing alternatives with lower cost implications and/or faster delivery times. Regardless of how our customers leverage TME Business Intelligence, however, what’s important to take away is that the net result of each endeavor is a profound and significant increase in cost savings. Plan now to connect with us. Our team will be happy to answer any and all of your supply chain questions, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

How ProMat is Bringing “the Wow” in 2019

Looking to find “the wow” this spring? Look no further than ProMat – the premier destination for supply chain teams looking to discover the latest manufacturing, distribution, parcel shipping and supply chain equipment and software. ProMat attendees always walk away with cutting-edge strategies and solutions, regardless of industry, function or position, and an added bonus: the event takes place in our own backyard! So grab that Cubs (Sox?) jersey, get ready for hot dogs (with mustard!) and plan now to take in the view from “The Ledge,” because this year’s event will be held at Chicago’s McCormick Place on April 8-11. Besides the wise choice in event location, ProMat creates a vast community of attendees and exhibitors, all of whom are either showcasing or learning about the latest material handling and logistics equipment and technologies. Content also serves to inspire, with more than 130 sessions featuring leading experts on manufacturing and supply chain trends, technologies and innovations.

Supply Chain: The Future

Since several of our own staff are parents of high school and college-age students, we’re particularly excited this year, because ProMat has invited the College Industry Council on Material Handling Education (CICMHE) and the Career & Technical Education Program (CTE) to partner with MHEDA to host Material Handling & Logistics Student Days. Students, professors, and educators representing universities, community colleges and select technical high schools from across the region are invited to the show in an effort to learn more about material handling, logistics and supply chain solutions. All are welcome at Logistyx Booth #S5168 to see our hardware and software in action, and to talk to us about both intern and full-time opportunities.

Create a One-Touch Shipping Ecosystem

get the checklist: choose the right tms for parcel shippingWe’re also pleased to announce that we’ll be demonstrating a number of our latest solutions at ProMat, including our TME 3.0 transportation management software for parcel shipping, plus our Ship-IT software for automatic shipping label generation and printing. Providing shippers with instant connectivity to 550 global carrier services, Logistyx TME 3.0 transforms global parcel shipping – optimizing, connecting and adapting the way retailers, manufacturers and 3PLs work so they can scale their shipping volumes AND their success.

With customers that include National Fulfillment Services and PL Developments, TME 3.0 gives shippers the most comprehensive rate shopping power available and provides them with the optimal transportation formula for each parcel that leaves the warehouse. Because our goal is to align your supply chain technology stack with your overall business objectives, Logistyx TME 3.0 seamlessly integrates with your Omni-channel solutions, E-commerce, TMS, WMS, ERP and multi-carrier management software.

Even better: it’s mobile-ready and deployed using Zebra’s best-in-class mobile computers and label printers to create a “one-touch” shipping ecosystem and generate all necessary paperwork – carrier labels, End of Day manifests and CMRs – at the point an order is picked. As Logistyx President Ken Fleming describes, “One of the reasons we love ProMat is that we get to interface with teams that are seeking to innovate their supply chains and transform their parcel shipping processes. We share our use cases with an audience likely to heed our advice: leverage technology to improve revenue per shipment and drive organizational growth. They’re actively looking for the ‘next big thing’ in parcel shipping technology, and we’re it.”

Want to Learn More about TME 3.0?

Come visit us at booth #S5168 at ProMat 2019, held at McCormick Place in Chicago on April 8-11, or contact us to learn more and get started right away.

Five Sessions We Can’t Wait to Attend at RILA’s LINK2019 (The Retail Supply Chain Conference)

LINK2019 is one of Logistyx’s most anticipated events this year. Yes, a tiny reason why is the promise of Bakery Plus’s Fruity Pebbles-topped donut to satisfy our sweet tooth, but the larger reason why is that supply chain and logistics teams leave with strategies, tools and insights on how to deliver (pun intended!) parcels on time, in full and at the lowest possible cost. And since it’s our job to support supply chain and logistics teams with state-of-the-art Transportation Management tools and technology, we want to be a part of the action! Taking place from February 24 – 27 in Orlando, LINK attracts every supply chain guru ever – from consultants and data analysts to authors and executives. In preparation for this year’s conference, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the sessions we’re most looking forward to attending:

How Office Depot Uses Network Resources to Optimize Omnichannel Responsiveness: Monday, February 25, 10:30 – 11:15 am. It’s been a pleasure to call Office Depot a customer, and we’re looking forward to listening to their presentation on the state of e-commerce today and how the online retail explosion is pushing everyone to have a solution to meet their customer’s needs right now. They’ll share insights into how they’ve created an optimal omnichannel network and effectively used network resources – order fulfillment, stores and transportation – to boost their omnichannel fulfillment strategy.

Getting Ready for the Future of Freight Today: Capitalizing on New Technologies: Monday, February 25, 2:30 – 3:15 pm. Google “e-commerce delivery news” and you’ll turn up more than one article on how Walmart is leveraging transportation to compete with Amazon. Needless to say, we’re planning to head to this session on day one, where Walmart will present with Deloitte on how new technologies and underlying supply chain data can help retailers create a more efficient, transparent and integrated supply chain network. Kelly Killingsworth, VP of Transportation, Walmart, will share how Walmart is capitalizing on these new technologies to get greater visibility on freight and create a connected driver experience. He’ll also discuss key transportation trends and provide some takeaways that retailers can apply today.

Predicting What’s Next in your Retail Supply Chain: Tuesday, February 26, 10:30 – 11:15 am. We’re taking time to listen to our partner, JDA (now Blue Yonder), explain how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-enhanced retail solutions can enable real-time decision-making that unlocks more autonomous, profitable business decisions throughout the retail supply chain and how AI solutions can analyze data to:

  • Draw out valuable insights
  • Automate core processes like planning/ pricing /replenishment
  • Improve product availability
  • Increase profitability

Caution – Dangerous Curves Ahead: Domestic Transportation Outlook : Tuesday, February 26, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm. At the heart of TME, our TMS for parcel shipping, is a state-of-the-art rate engine to help shippers optimize carrier selection when market capacity is constrained and freight rates rise – symptoms of a volatile transportation landscape. We’re anxious to hear industry experts’ predictions for 2019 and recommendations on how retailers can look beyond the usual paradigms to ensure their supply chains can meet the needs of the business, deliver service and better predict cost impacts.

The Future of Fulfillment – Faster, Slower, Reverse, Repeat: Wednesday, February 27, 8:30 – 9:15 am. We’re frequent visitors of the Gartner research library, and therefore we’re looking forward to hearing Gartner’s perspective on why there are priorities to consider beyond fast order fulfillment, including:

  • New forecasting capabilities to predict how, when and where consumers want their orders fulfilled
  • A new set of consumer incentives to effectively slow down their desire for fast fulfillment
  • The development of a circular rather than linear supply chain

See you in Orlando! Will you be attending RILA LINK2019? Let us know. We’d love to connect with you! Office bound instead? No worries. You can still find inspiration! See how you can transform your parcel shipping process and improve on time delivery percentages today.