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Efficiency and Productivity Gains with Logistyx TME

Xerox syncs carrier data in one system to streamline shipment tracking and improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Business Challenge

In recent years, the Xerox supply chain changed dramatically. Deliveries made to distribution centers in the past were now made directly to the customer. As a result, the number of addresses increased from several dozen to potentially every address in Europe. Xerox needed a parcel shipping solution that could handle multiple carriers all on one system.


Xerox selected Logistyx TME to support tariffs, services, and documentation for multiple carriers all in one system. Shipping departments now have access to all carriers from one or more workstations while other departments can access the information remotely. With email notification upon delivery, each department can track its own shipments.

Logistyx Automates International Shipping

Card Security eliminates manual preparation of export documents and reduces shipment processing time by 33%.

This Card Security Company provides financial institutions, national governments, corporate enterprises and other organizations with technologies they need to establish trusted identities and conduct highly secure transactions. Examples of the company’s diverse offerings include software and hardware used to issue financial cards, produce e-passports and authenticate users looking to access secure networks or conduct financial transactions.

Business Challenge

With the majority of its shipments going overseas, the volume of international shipping documents being processed daily was taxing the resources of this card security manufacturer. The process was labor intensive and costly due to errors in manual filing and invoicing procedures.


The Logistyx project team conducted an evaluation of the current process and made recommendations from order fulfillment through the shipping process. Logistyx Technologies multi-carrier parcel shipping assisted with the automation of international document processing and AES filing through their Ship-IT International solution.


  • Reduced transaction time by 33%
  • Eliminated manual preparation of export documents
  • Automated the AES Direct filing process
  • Realized an ROI of six months, related to labor and inventory