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Efficiency and Productivity Gains with Logistyx TMS

Xerox syncs carrier data in one system to streamline shipment tracking and improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Business Challenge

In recent years, the Xerox supply chain changed dramatically. Deliveries made to distribution centers in the past were now made directly to the customer. As a result, the number of addresses increased from several dozen to potentially every address in Europe. Xerox needed a parcel shipping solution that could handle multiple carriers all on one system.


Xerox selected the Logistyx Transportation Management System to support tariffs, services and documentation for multiple carriers all in one system. Shipping departments now have access to all carriers from one or more workstations while other departments can access the information remotely. With email notification upon delivery, each department can track their own shipments.

Logistyx TMS Streamlines Shipping

Bausch + Lomb standardizes distribution – improving end-to-end visibility and saving at least half a day in labor costs every week.

As one of the most highly respected and well known healthcare brands in the world, Bausch + Lomb need to ensure the distribution of their products is smooth and seamless to maintain their integrity in the industry and keep their customers happy.However, a complex in-house system combined with huge growth within the organization was making this difficult to achieve. Having developed their own distribution tool in an attempt to streamline the order process, Bausch + Lomb were faced with all sorts of problems soon after implementation.


Carrier Management and Compliance – Bausch + Lomb was using 25 different carriers, each with their own different services and types of barcodes, which were not always compatible with Bausch + Lomb’s software. Label maintenance for this large number of carriers was extremely labor-intensive and was costing the company a lot of money. They needed a system that could link all of their carriers and enforce carrier compliance.

Tracking – Before adopting the Logistyx TMS for parcel shipping solution, Bausch + Lomb had to track thousands of items, all on different carrier sites, every week. This was extremely time consuming and costly. The system was unable to track orders all the way through the delivery process and Bausch + Lomb couldn’t confidently inform customers of exact delivery times. They needed to streamline their processes so that they could efficiently manage distribution and improve the information flow.


The Logistyx TMS for parcel shipping supports the tariffs, services and special fees for all carriers and links the information so that it is accessible via one system. This eliminates the need to work on different carrier sites and in different languages. The Logistyx TMS produces all of the appropriate shipping documentation including labels, manifests and commercial invoices, eliminating manual document production.The Logistyx TMS reporting capabilities allow Bausch + Lomb to access all of the necessary performance data to provide the right information to the right people when they need it.


The Logistyx TMS has standardized Bausch + Lomb’s distribution. Operations are much more seamless and efficient. The company has reduced shipping costs while improving shipping visibility. The system:

  • Provides full visibility from order to delivery, all on one platform. This has saved Bausch + Lomb a lot of time, as previously they were tracking orders on each individual carrier site.
  • Helps Bausch + Lomb increase productivity, saving at least half a day in labor costs every week.
  • Provides tracking to provide customers with shipping status updates. As a result, Bausch + Lomb has improved customer satisfaction rates.

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Logistyx Moves Millions of Orders

MBS Textbook Exchange automates 100% of international shipping documents and reduces labor by 10 FTEs.

MBS Textbook Exchange (MBS) is the largest used college textbook wholesaler in the country. The company ships four million orders a year from its 350,000-square foot distribution center in Columbia, MO, fulfilling orders for major university bookstores, approximately 850 Internet bookstores and continual consumer orders from students and military personnel around the world.

Business Challenge

MBS Textbooks had outgrown its parcel shipping systems as its wholesale and e-commerce business lines continued to build year over year. Non-UPS shipments were processed on several standalone systems including a separate USPS metering station and a standalone FedEx Café system. This added steps and labor to handle non-UPS shipments.


MBS implemented Ship-IT™, Logistyx Technologies’ multi-carrier shipping software to manage all carriers onto a single platform. Ship-IT now handles UPS, FedEx, FedEx SmartPost, Endicia (USPS), UPS Mail Innovations and UPS Surepost services, giving the company a wider choice of freight discounts based on rate options, weight, zone, cubic options, etc.


  • Eliminated re-labeling
  • Increased throughput and reduced labor
  • Lowered shipping costs
  • Accelerated and simplified international shipping
  • Simplified the onboarding of new customers

Logistyx Software Accelerates International Shipping by 80%

Gyrus Olympus reduces export document preparation time by 80%.


Olympus is one of the world’s leading suppliers of medical visualization and energy systems for surgical procedures with major distribution operations in the U.S., Germany, Canada, Australia and Japan.Olympus had automated domestic shipping, but export shipping was still largely a manual process. International orders were diverted from the general workflow to be handled staff, who were also using compliance data from several manual sources which made the risk of non-compliance too severe.


Logistyx Ship-IT™ international parcel shipping software was configured to produce a broader set of export documents and handle the AES filing process.


  • Accelerated shipping with reduced labor
  • 80% reduction in time spent processing export orders, now processed as quickly as domestic orders
  • Accurate, compliant, professional export documents

Logistyx Automates International Shipping

Card Security eliminates manual preparation of export documents and reduces shipment processing time by 33%.

This Card Security Company provides financial institutions, national governments, corporate enterprises and other organizations with technologies they need to establish trusted identities and conduct highly secure transactions. Examples of the company’s diverse offerings include software and hardware used to issue financial cards, produce e-passports and authenticate users looking to access secure networks or conduct financial transactions.

Business Challenge

With the majority of its shipments going overseas, the volume of international shipping documents being processed daily was taxing the resources of this card security manufacturer. The process was labor intensive and costly due to errors in manual filing and invoicing procedures.


The Logistyx project team conducted an evaluation of the current process and made recommendations from order fulfillment through the shipping process. Logistyx Technologies multi-carrier parcel shipping assisted with the automation of international document processing and AES filing through their Ship-IT International solution.


  • Reduced transaction time by 33%
  • Eliminated manual preparation of export documents
  • Automated the AES Direct filing process
  • Realized an ROI of six months, related to labor and inventory