Pharma/Life Sciences

Reduced cost of distribution, shipment visibility in an integrated supply chain.

Shipping controlled and environmentally sensitive products like pharmaceuticals usually demands more from shipping systems. We have worked with many pharmaceutical companies to develop a shipping software solution that addresses industry characteristics such as packaging constraints, cold chain attributes, shipping service levels to accomplish delivery constraints, and many more. Our customers include pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, mail order pharmacies, online stores, and more. Our solutions are highly configurable and designed to address the following:

Control Over Shipping Costs

One of the best ways to get control over shipping costs is to manage all your carriers on a single shipping software platform that allows you to compare carrier rates and choose the best option based on cost and service. Logistyx shipping software enables you to load multiple carriers and modes for comparison, including parcel, postal, LTL, regional and international carriers. An extensive library of carrier compliant documents is included for lightning-fast printing. Whether integrated with your WMS systems or working within your warehouse, Logistyx software and hardware automate the process and increase efficiency while lowering your total cost of distribution.


Providing your customers with choice is the primary objective of an integrated shipping solution.    Whether integrating with your order management applications, or utilizing eCommerce software such as Shopify, Magento or others, Logistyx multi-carrier shipping software solutions provide a seamless solution for you and your customers. Certified for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, Logistyx enables merchants to take advantage of Amazon Prime benefits via their Seller Fulfilled Prime program, which lets marketplace merchants flag their product listings as eligible for Prime Two-Day delivery and ship them from their own warehouses, a distinction that until then was available only for sellers’ products shipped from an Amazon warehouse.


Omnichannel fulfillment enables retailers to serve their customers from any fulfillment location; warehouse, supplier, and store locations. Our shipping software solution enables you to manage this process across all fulfillment locations and not only reduces the total cost of shipment, but provides complete visibility of all goods in transit from any location to any customer. Integrating order management, inventory management and shipping solutions are crucial to the success of your omni-channel program.


Today’s retailers have removed borders and are shipping goods to consumers worldwide. Whether shipping globally from centralized fulfillment centers or supporting global distribution centers in regional markets, the Logistyx multi-carrier export shipping and document software solution that can be deployed in local markets, regional markets or integrated to a variety of host systems to automatically receive international orders and streamline the entire process for global distribution from a central location. Whether shipping within the USA, Canada, Europe or Asia or to the USA, Canada, Europe or Asia, Logistyx is a true global multi-carrier shipping solution.