Logistyx Videos


Presentation: Trends in Parcel Shipping

Parcel shipping is changing – and fast. While this may seem daunting, new trends are actually an opportunity to improve and refine your parcel shipping strategy. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how NFI leveraged the benefits of Manhattan and Logistyx technology.


Webinar: The Future of Multi-Carrier Shipping Systems

Transportation Management technology expert and Logistyx President, Ken Fleming, discusses the key trends shaping supply chain delivery today and how they’re influencing parcel shipping system requirements.  WATCH THIS WEBINAR to learn more.

Webinar: Reduce Freight Costs with Data Analytics

In this webinar, Adriano Viterbo, Analytics and Audit Program Manager of Logistyx Technologies, will discuss the key ways in which transportation-focused data platforms are helping shippers more quickly identify savings. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more.

Case Study Webinar: LightBulbs.com

In this webinar, Paul McLellan, President of LightBulbs.com shares how the company’s logistics operations created an integrated parcel shipping and dimensioning solution that enables the online superstore to double in sales —without adding additional staff. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more.

Case Studies

Legendary Whitetails Case Study

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how Legendary Whitetails gained 99.9% order accuracy, reduced shipping costs, gained real-time visibility, all with the Logistyx order pack fulfillment and multi-carrier shipping software solution, combined with Zebra print technology.


Brake Parts Case Study

WATCH THIS VIDEO to find out how Brake Parts achieved 100% order shipping accuracy with the Logistyx order fulfillment software and multi-carrier shipping software solution.


LightBulbs.com Case Study

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how LightBulbs.com doubled shipping throughput without adding staff with the Logistyx shipping solution and Rice Lake iDimension 3D imaging system.

Software demos

Multi-carrier parcel shipping software

Our multi-carrier parcel shipping software is ideal for companies that want to consolidate and automate carrier selection decisions to gain better control of shipping costs and streamline laborious tasks for staff. WATCH THIS VIDEO to see it in action.


Measure-IT Software for Receiving Operations

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see how quick and easy Measure-IT captures and records a product sku#, dimensions, weight and image all in a click of a barcode scanner.