Logistyx Videos

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Case Study videos

Grove Medical Case Study

WATCH THIS VIDEO to find out how Grove Medical accelerated shipment processing to 12X faster with the Logistyx multi-carrier shipping software system and Zebra wearable ring scanners.


Legendary Whitetails Case Study

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how Legendary Whitetails gained 99.9% order accuracy, reduced shipping costs, gained real-time visibility, all with the Logistyx order pack fulfillment and multi-carrier shipping software solution, combined with Zebra print technology.


Brake Parts Case Study

WATCH THIS VIDEO to find out how Brake Parts achieved 100% order shipping accuracy with the Logistyx order fulfillment software and multi-carrier shipping software solution.

Software demo videos

Multi-carrier shipping software

Our multi-carrier shipping software is ideal for companies that want to consolidate and automate carrier selection decisions to gain better control of shipping costs and streamline laborious tasks for staff. WATCH THIS VIDEO to see it in action.


Measure-IT Software for Receiving Operations

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see how quick and easy Measure-IT captures and records a product sku#, dimensions, weight and image all in a click of a barcode scanner.


Equipment Videos

3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Zebra’s 3600 Series features the highest drop, tumble and sealing specifications in the industry in order to deliver unstoppable performance. Regardless of your data capture application, the 3600 series has a model to meet your needs. WATCH THIS VIDEO to see it in action.


3600 Series Barcode Scanner Demo

Zebra’s 3600 series ultra-rugged barcode scanner features the highest drop, tumble and sealing specifications in the industry in order to deliver unstoppable performance. WATCH THIS VIDEO to see the 3600 series scanners in action.


Total Wearable Solutions

By combining the hands-free mobility of wearable technology with one-of-a-kind features like tap to pair capabilities, Zebra’s Total Wearable Solutions provide the operational flexibility needed to replace complexity with productivity. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more.


TC51/TC56 Touch Computer

With a rugged industrial design that looks and feels like the most popular pocketable consumer-style smartphones, along with the Zebra-only enterprise-class features, power, security and manageability, the TC51/TC56 is truly in a class of its own. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more.


MC3300 Mobile Computer

Hardworking people demand a hardworking mobile computer and nothing does the job like the new MC3300. From front-of-store to the warehouse, it has the features – such as increased picking rates, easier aim and more – that finish the job. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more.


MC3300 Mobile Computer Accessories

From convenient belt holsters and protective covers to reliable power supplies, and extended batteries, the portfolio of accessories extends your capabilities, and enables you to lower the total cost of ownership of your Zebra mobile computer. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more.


TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer

Productivity has never been more important. With a breakthrough ergonomic design and productivity-enhancing innovations, the TC8000 adds an extra hour of productivity per worker to the workday. WATCH THIS VIDEO to see it in action.


ZT600 Series Industrial Printers

Boost your productivity with printers that just won’t quit. The ZT600 Series advances the legacy of the Xi Series printers to combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more!


Zebra Z-Slip Packing Slip

Pair Zebra’s Z-Slip with a compatible Zebra printer, and you’ve got a fast, reliable, all-in-one packing slip solution. For a distribution center shipping 1000 packages/day, Z-Slip can offer a savings of: 29 seconds/package, 8.0 hrs/day, 2000 hrs/year. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more.


MC9200 Mobile Computer

The MC9200 is the next generation in the MC9000 Series, the industry’s gold standard for mobility in inventory and asset management in the most demanding environments — from the warehouse floor to the dock door. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more.

iDimension 3d Imaging System

Experience the future of dimensioning with higher performance and superior speed. iDimension’s multiple patented, innovative sensing technology and 3D imaging work together to optimize time and throughput. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more.