How Mobile Warehouse Technology Can Give New Power to an Old Marketing Tool: Catalogs

Logistyx V.P. of Marketing Communications Lisa Henthorn recently shared her thoughts on why catalogs continue to hold their rightful place in the advertising mix, and how thoughtful retailers can build an uninterrupted omnichannel experience by incorporating catalog marketing into their fulfillment strategy.

According to Henthorn in a recent article on Multichannel Merchant, “Retailers are already experts on how to use intelligent fulfillment tools and technology to streamline order fulfillment processes and create opportunities for cost and labor savings in the warehouse. By simply utilizing the infrastructure they have in place, retailers can integrate catalogs and samples into their existing fulfillment operation and immediately take advantage of new brand marketing opportunities.”

For example, after a customer orders a pair of hiking boots, order packing software can alert the fulfillment team to include a catalog on hiking-specific equipment in their shipment.  Taking it one step further: the fulfillment team can also receive alerts to include product samples with their customers’ orders and customized catalogs… so the same customer that ordered a pair of hiking boots not only receives a catalog on hiking-specific equipment but also gets a small bottle of foot cream along with their order.

As Henthorn points out, “Today’s technology makes it easy to get it right, and retailers can gain the indispensable brand recognition and repeat customers they need to thrive – without any major operational changes or additional investment.”

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