Dimensioning Systems

Flexible Cubing, Weighing and Dimensioning Systems

Today’s rapidly changing shipping practices are forcing many companies to rethink their operations to fit dimensioning systems into their workflow. But there’s an art to choosing the right equipment and placement to prevent disruptions in productivity.

We’re here to help you solve the problem. We know there is no “one size fits all” solution, so we offer a full line of cubing, weighing and dimensioning systems to suit diverse operational settings.

We can also help you integrate your system to seamlessly exchange data with your host systems, as well as Logistyx order fulfillment and multi-carrier shipping software systems. Our newest weighing and dimensioning products include:

Size-IT Handheld Mobile Dimensioning System

For some companies, a pocket-sized dimensioning system is more efficient than a static cubing system. Size-IT, Logistyx handheld digital dimensioner, is a cost-effective solution. Size-IT automates the process and generates accurate results in three easy steps. Our mobile dimensioner is ideal for:

  • Mobile measuring of large, hard-to-move objects. With Size-IT, workers can move capture dimensions on as sofas, playground or industrial equipment “in place,” rather than moving it to a static dimensioning system.
  • Limited operational space. Size-IT accomplishes the same results without the need to allocate space for a static dimensioning system.
  • Inventory audits. Staff can move through the warehouse using the Size-IT dimensioning system to capture product measurements for audit purposes.

3D Imaging & Dimensioning System

Logistyx also offers the iDim, a flexible 3D imaging dimensioning system that works well for small businesses and mail counters as well as large operations and warehouses. The iDim can be used for a variety of applications to ensure freight compliance and deter revenue loss from miscalculated dimensions.

With innovative sensing technology and 3D imaging components, the iDim system is a fast, flexible, mobile free-standing solution that captures dimensions, weights, bar codes, OCR text and images of static items. It captures accurate measurements in seconds on packages, flats and irregular objects, and converts irregular objects like cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and irregular objects to accurate cubed dimensions.

Installing and Integrating Your Dimensioning System

Logistyx can also help you install and integrate your dimensioning system with our order fulfillment and shipping software solutions.

Please contact us for product and pricing information.