TMS for parcel shipping

We understand how difficult it is to achieve on-time parcel delivery at the lowest possible cost.

The Logistyx Transportation Management System (TMS) for parcel shipping instantly connects the world’s largest manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers to more than 8,500 global carrier services to improve customer service and increase revenue per shipment.

Our transportation management software components can be implemented independently or in combination with each other to streamline and optimize carrier procurement, fulfillment operations, customer service and finance.

TMS for parcel shipping


With instant access to an integrated global carrier network of more than 8,500 carrier services, you can leverage state-of-the-art rate shopping and simulation tools to determine the ideal combination of parcel shipping carriers in real time, based on factors such as price, capacity, service requirements and performance.

  • Use state-of-the-art rate shopping tools to identify the ”best value” carrier for each shipment within a microsecond
  • Perform accurate rate simulations and “what if” analyses
  • Quickly book parcel shipping transport with Closed User Group (CUG) tendering
  • Manage and maintain compliance with thousands of carrier contracts in a single solution
  • Ensure the right parcel shipping services are sourced and secured from reliable carriers at the right price


Fulfillment Operations

Meet increasing parcel shipping demands while controlling costs by quickly automating and optimizing carrier selection, accounting for best value rates, your business rules and customer delivery preferences with each order. Via a fluid integration with WMS, ERP and larger planning systems, Logistyx helps you create a “one-touch” shipping ecosystem and generates all necessary paperwork – carrier labels, End of Day manifests and CMRs – at the point an order is picked.

  • Automatically choose the “best fit” carrier for each shipment within microseconds
  • Gain visibility into shipments and proactively respond to potential problems
  • Generate performance reports and analytics to fine-tune transportation strategy
  • Centralize transport ordering and eliminate need for human intervention
  • Increase order volumes without increasing staff
  • Seamlessly integrate with larger planning systems (ERP, WMS, OMS, TMS)

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Customer Service

Control tower visibility and user-friendly dashboard reporting enable proactive exception management and carrier performance monitoring. From fulfillment managers to customer service representatives, your teams monitor and manage all carriers in one solution.  Customers receive proactive notifications about their shipment status, and they track shipment movements on your site, not your carrier’s.

  • Manage all carriers from a single platform, with standardized terminology
  • Automate problem resolution through AI
  • Send proactive messages about shipments to customers
  • Automatically integrate returns process
  • Customers track and trace shipments on company, not carrier, website
  • Achieve higher On Time Delivery (OTD) %
  • Reduce inbound calls about shipment status



Advanced freight audit capabilities allow you to find potential savings by automatically verifying invoice accuracy before issuing payment – eliminating time and labor-intensive reviews. In addition, automatic cost allocation down to the SKU level reduces the workload in finance departments and improves cost accounting accuracy.

  • Utilize real-time, accurate shipping data and reporting for budgets and forecasting
  • Automate self-billing when pre-invoice (budget) matches actual invoice
  • Create clarity and better disciplines around shipping spend
  • Decrease compliance risk and easily create financial audit trails
  • Significantly increase revenue per shipment

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