Logistyx Audit

Global Parcel Audit & Freight Auditing Solution for Multi-Modes:

Parcel Auditing with Freight Audit features Payment & Recovery ServicesLogistyx Audit
Logistyx Audit saves shippers time and money by effortlessly combining small package, LTL, TL, air and ocean
invoices plus manifest data together into one platform. Our solution provides shippers with greater visibility into
transportation metrics than carriers themselves have access to, providing valuable intelligence for enhanced
customer delivery service, tighter cost controls and better contract negotiations.

Logistyx Audit puts the right tools into shippers’ hands to track and reduce transportation costs from origination to payment for all modes. We also offer optional freight payment, loss and damage claim recovery and other services for shippers who want to take advantage of additional tools to control spending.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Logistyx Audit is built in an intuitive dashboard solution, backed by a sophisticated data engine, to present a comprehensive view of detailed transportation activities and costs. Our data engine analyzes every shipment, identifies and confirms credits with your carriers, and electronically delivers an adjusted bill for payment.

Logistyx Audit matches manifest (expected) shipment transactions with carrier billing data (actual) in one data set, providing your company with proactive visibility to identify, target and reduce transportation costs.

The Logistyx Audit dashboard makes it easy to select key parameters to monitor costs, carrier performance and more. Users can choose to view summary data or drill down for specific shipment or carrier detail by pointing and clicking on many user-defined elements.


Improve Supply Chain Visibility

To simplify transportation cost monitoring for users, Logistyx Audit offers a web portal interface combined with analytical tools to monitor, measure and control all transportation activity. Logistyx Audit is an easy to implement solution that delivers unbiased audit and carrier performance reports.

Analytics + Business Intelligence

Visualize and leverage complex, real-time data:

  • Single data repository brings your data into common alignment across your organization
  • Reports to monitor KPIs and perform score carding
  • Attractive, customizable dashboards for internal or external use
  • Heat maps to drive geographical analysis
  • Trend analysis to monitor KPIs over periods of time

Freight Audit + Recovery

Our systematic audit process monitors 150+ data points across all modes of transportation including:

  • Carrier contract compliance
  • Residential surcharges
  • Dimensional rates
  • Address corrections (through address validation)
  • Accessorial charges
  • Duplicate billing
  • Late packages
  • Lost and damaged packages
  • Difference between manifested vs. billed weights
  • Manifested but not shipped

Rapid Implementation for Rapid ROI

Logistyx Audit can be implemented, quickly, with minimal resource requirements from your IT staff. Logistyx Audit is already integrated with many different financial, ERP and transportation systems, and is connected to more than 3,000 global carrier services so that you can be up and running in no time. Contact us today to learn more.

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