Logistyx’s Finlay Combines Two Unlikely Passions: Supply Chain and Cars

Throughout his long (and successful) supply chain career, Geoffrey Finlay has worn many hats—each of which gave him the experience, drive and know-how to turn a passion into a profitable business.

As non-executive director of Logistyx Technologies and strategic advisor to Volvo Group, Finlay also founded Evo 2 Motorsport in 1985, a business focused on creating performance and styling enhancements for race cars.

“It’s a real business. It’s more than just a hobby that I’m very passionate about,” Finlay explains. “I’ve used my tenure at companies like General Electric, Kewill and JDA Software that incorporated all areas of the supply chain to really help develop, not only the cars we drive, but also my career.”

Initially self-funded, Evo 2 has quickly grown profitable with success on both the motorsport side of the business and in the customization of unique cars for high-profile customers. The company is committed to three key brands: BMW, Porsche and Ferrari.

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