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Logistics Viewpoints: Omnichannel Retailers Skillfully Adapt in a Crisis

As early as February, omnichannel retailers were responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, initiating contingency plans for redirecting inventory to retail stores in other regions to diminish fallout. Large scale changes of this nature don’t come easily for most retailers, but those with truly integrated omnichannel systems can see, project demand for and shift inventory with […]

Are you Confident in your Omnichannel Retail Strategy?

Retailers, even those with mature omnichannel strategies, can have doubts. A successful omnichannel approach — the model of ordering, shipping, receiving, and returning products in absolutely any channel — requires an optimal balance of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail, and fulfillment and distribution capabilities.  For example: Buy online, pick-up in store Buy online, drop ship In-store purchase, […]

Do you Have the Right Omnichannel Fulfillment Strategy in Place?

Behold: “the omni-channel customer experience.” The number of articles written about this topic every day is enormous.  Proof positive: there are 29,800,000+ hits in Google on the subject, with headlines that talk to everything from the continued growth of omnichannel fulfillment worldwide (both in volume and in channels)… to Gen Z’s – ease with e-commerce… […]

Omnichannel Fulfillment: The Never-Ending Delivery

Omnichannel retail has been implemented to varying degrees over the last seven or eight years.  The concept really became viable with the advent of robust, easy-to-use mobile phones and tablets, which for in-store associates, were convenient gateways to successful clienteling and inventory management applications.  These devices helped expand the sales floor beyond the physical store, […]

Omnichannel Retail

Even the biggest and best retailers continue to face challenges when trying to provide excellent customer service and increase profitability. Watch this short video to learn about omnichannel retail.

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