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3 Reasons to Attend OTM SIG Next Month

With events such as Oracle Modern Business Experience, Promat and Gartner behind us, there’s no time like the present to attend a user group. And if you’re an OTM user, OTM SIG is THE destination of choice. Why, you might ask? Because OTM SIG, taking place August 4-7, brings OTM/GTM users, Oracle representatives, Oracle software partners and other industry parties together to connect and share. OTM users and prospects will gain valuable insight into current features (OTM’s seamless integration with Logistyx TME) and future enhancements. Think this is one of those user groups where the solution provider delivers presentation after presentation? Think again. Oracle has designed OTM SIG to be both interactive and actionable. The agenda is largely case study-based, which means you get access to your peers’ strategies and stories – no death by PowerPoint here – and you walk away with clear, actionable tips you can apply immediately in your role. Still on the fence about whether to attend? Bet we can help. Here are three more reasons to put this on your calendar:

#1: Take a deep dive into numerous topics such as TMS planning and execution, cloud migration, fleet management and more. At OTM SIG, you can expect engaging sessions featuring speakers from the world’s biggest brands including Starbucks, GM, Cummins and Coca-Cola – to name a few. Hear what they have to say on some of the logistics trends impacting all of us:

#2: Be at the forefront of the transportation revolution. Have you noticed? Transportation is undergoing a transformation. Customers want their products now. They want free shipping. And they may be located in new markets. Many manufacturers, retailers and 3PLs are overhauling their transportation strategies and  pioneering new ways of fulfilling and distributing orders to meet these demands.  You can learn more about this shift, how it’s impacting our industry and how you can prepare.

#3: Get real-time parcel shipping advice from Logistyx’s Mike Stoffle and Alex Josephs at Booth #28. Yes, we know you hear from us often, but have you met our experts? Have you heard about the great new things we’re doing? Plan now to stop by booth #28 or schedule a meeting with Mike and Alex to really get to know the Logistyx team and the TME solution. From scaling parcel shipping volumes to expanding beyond a single carrier strategy, Mike and Alex are your people! Introduce yourself and get real-time advice to evaluate your current shipping needs and understand how to best use OTM and Logistyx TME to meet your goals. Convinced? We thought you would be. Grab your coworkers and join us for OTM SIG in Philadelphia August 4-7, where you won’t just hear the conversation—you’ll be a part of it. Schedule a meeting at OTM SIG.