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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Parcel Forum 2019

Parcel Forum is moseying on over to Dallas – at the Gaylord Texan, to be exact.  And while we believe there are countless reasons why you should saddle up and attend, we’ve picked five of our favorites:

1. Hear from the Experts

This year’s line-up of speakers are proven leaders, strategists, and practitioners in parcel shipping, and whether their expertise is in omnichannel, e-commerce, returns, and/or more, they know what you need to know.  Attend the presentations, network at all of the events, and sign up for the tours.  You’ll get a solid tutorial on tried-and-true best practices and unique insight into new innovations that will change how the world ships parcels.

2. Build Your Network

Parcel Forum’s greatest strength is the attendee list. Whether you’re on the cutting edge of parcel shipping or looking to benefit from the wisdom of others as you formulate your e-commerce strategy for the first time, Parcel Forum will provide you with myriad opportunities to meet others who are currently walking  – or have been long-walking – a similar journey. It’s no secret that supply chain logistics has traditionally been a small (but growing!) field, and spending time and learning from professionals who do similar work gives you the chance to meet, connect in person, forge relationships, and grow and develop your own professional network.

3. Learn from Case Studies

Your parcel shipping colleagues across the country are taking amazing strides forward, and they’re willing to share their learning with you! Multiple sessions will feature real world case studies, where the presenters freely share their methods, resources, and practices that you can take back and adapt in your own shipping environment.  Parcel Forum also offers chances to connect more informally with presenters and other attendees (see #2), so you have ample opportunity to touch base to request more information.

4. Reignite a Passion for Your Work

No, we’re not kidding!  We know we’re all heading into Peak Season.  We know we’re all tired, and for that matter: so are our teams. It becomes easy to forget what we like about our jobs. But have you noticed?  Parcel shipping is in the news  Every. Single. Day.  We may be tired but take a look around: we’re at the heart of supply chain logistics innovation!  What we do, and how we do it, is having a resounding impact in the C-Suite and on Wall Street.  We can actually tell someone at a cocktail party what we do for a living and they get it!  They might even ask us to weigh in on the fastest and cheapest way to send a care package to their college student, or how soon parcel lockers are coming to their local convenience store.  Heck – they might even ask us for a job!  Attending Parcel Forum, sharing our skillsets, and learning how our hard work is contributing to this incredible pivot in B2B and B2C logistics should definitely reignite a passion for our work.  (And if that doesn’t do it, be sure to stop by the Logistyx Cocktail Party in the Silver Bar on October 29 from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm.  RSVP here).

5. Meet with New Vendors and Suppliers

We know we’re biased, but in our opinion, the exhibitors are industry experts and solution-providers who truly understand what’s taking place in today’s parcel shipping environment – and we have answers to your questions! Take advantage of the exhibit hours and be sure to stop by Logistyx Booth #541.  We’re some of the best people for you to get to know if you want to learn more about how our innovative Transportation Management System for parcel shipping is necessary for you to ship more parcels – smarter, faster, and to any destination in the world.  And if that isn’t compelling enough – we’ll have a little taste of Chicago on hand (no offense, Dallas!) to take home with you.

Plane tickets in hand and ready to set up a meeting with Logistyx at Parcel Forum? Contact us today.