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Aimee Tierney Shares Holiday Fulfillment Tips for Retailers with EPSNews

As sales (and shipping) volume rise within the peak holiday shopping season, so do the stakes. Retailers need to be attentive to the potentially heightened expectations and challenges that come with transporting high-value products this time of year. Deliveries need to be on-time to keep customers happy, particularly as consumers increasingly demand same-day or next day delivery and expectations include special holiday offers and discounts.

headshot of Aimee Tierney VP Sales Logistyx
Aimee Tierney, Vice President of Sales, Logistyx Technologies

For those fulfillment teams shipping next-day deliveries via overnight carrier services, they’re almost certainly overpaying and adding to their cost of distribution. This is especially true during the holidays when consumers’ love of buying electronics and other tech products goes into hyperdrive.

In a recent article for EPSNews, Logistyx Technologies Vice President of Sales Aimee Tierney shares some essential holiday fulfillment tips to help retailers boost service and cut costs – no magic sleigh required! Aimee provides insights on selecting the most appropriate carrier for each order, addressing the impact of accessorial charges, and making parcel delivery more transparent.

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