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An Open Message from Logistyx this Peak Season

Thank you for trusting Logistyx. We are grateful for our partnership and for the opportunity to help you this peak season.

Before the pandemic, supply chain topics rarely appeared in mainstream newspapers (and certainly not on the front page). The last 18 months, however, have changed this. Exploding e-commerce order volumes, increasing carrier capacity crunches, shipping surcharges and price increases, and, of course, heightened customer expectations for rapid and inexpensive shipping have all complicated order fulfillment and logistics for shippers around the world.

Every day, we meet with companies that have no choice but to rethink their order fulfillment strategies and innovate the ways in which they deliver products to their customers to successfully compete in this new shipping landscape. There’s no doubt the definition of ‘usual’ in ‘business as usual’ has changed, perhaps permanently, and peak season is now looming as a time of great stress and uncertainty for many.

This is a moment in time when the work Logistyx does is most critical, and therefore now seems a perfect opportunity to say,

Thank you for trusting Logistyx. We are grateful for our partnership and for the opportunity to help you and your teams execute parcel shipping on a global scale. We will continue to enable you to achieve your parcel shipping KPIs by adding new features and functionality, carriers, and support to help you optimize our solution.

Our customers are at the heart of our company.. You are why we strive to be the leading cloud-based multi-carrier shipping technology provider in the world, empowering companies of all sizes to build more efficient, intelligent, connected supply chains. And while this peak season will be challenging in many ways, the current shipping environment has only strengthened our purpose and fueled our determination to enable our customers to thrive.

Our faith in our ability to deliver for you is unwavering and based on our many successes over the last year and a half, which include enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver life-saving COVID-19 vaccines to global populations and empowering pharmacy chains to enable same-day delivery in under two hours.  These use cases reinforce our technology’s potential and highlight why the work Logistyx teams do with our customers every day is a source of incredible pride.

Best-in-Class Service; Technical Reliability

Our deepest purpose as your multi-carrier shipping software provider is to enable your success with dependable technology performance. Know you will experience best-in-class service and support in the weeks ahead, as well as the necessary technical reliability. Additionally, we will work extraordinarily hard to maintain an open dialogue with you to learn from this peak season to guarantee Logistyx continues to deliver value in 2022.

Our account management and customer support teams, backed by our executive team, are here to answer your questions and address any challenges you face. We have also published a Carrier Updates and Resources page on our website to help you track changes in carrier services and shipping costs.

Cause for Optimism

We look forward to navigating this unprecedented peak season with you and helping you maximize your investment in our technology. And though the increasing complexity of global supply chain disruptions will continue to test our resilience ― we see so much cause for optimism in the years ahead and feel confident we can overcome incredible challenges. It is our profound appreciation for you—our customers, partners, and all others in the global supply chain community—that inspires everyone at Logistyx to meet you where you are and transform your parcel shipping operations to take you where you want to be.


The Logistyx Team