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Anyline Research: Last-Mile is Critical for Customer Retention

StreetFight published a new article highlighting research from Anyline which verifies the importance of last-mile delivery in customer retention. One particularly alarming trend for retailers:

“Younger consumers, in particular, say they have less patience for poor delivery experiences. Seventy-two percent of Baby Boomers say they would reconsider shopping with a company again after a poor delivery experience, compared to 76% of Generation Xers, 81% of millennials, and 86% of consumers in Generation Z.”

Yet the research shows last-mile delivery problems are on the rise:

  • 44% of consumers say delivery timeframes have become slower since the start of the pandemic
  • 68% have encountered delivery delays
  • Anecdotally, consumers report “receiving damaged packages or falling victim to porch piracy”

With e-commerce volumes exploding, cross-border e-commerce on the rise, and companies scrambling to meet customer expectations for same-day delivery, retailers are in a precarious position. They’ve got one chance to ensure a smooth last-mile experience or risk losing their customers to a competitor.

Luckily, Logistyx can help with its cloud-based multi-carrier parcel shipping solution. Here are nine benefits:

  1. Add carriers
  2. Automate rating, rate shopping, and carrier compliance
  3. Consolidate parcel shipments
  4. Integrate enterprise supply chain systems and carriers in the cloud
  5. Manage carrier capacity
  6. Ensure on-time delivery consistency
  7. Execute cross-border shipments
  8. Leverage data analytics and business intelligence
  9. Audit carrier invoices

Each plays a role in the last-mile delivery equation and ensures a positive customer experience. This is why Logistyx has been named  Digital Commerce 360’s #1 Fulfillment Software Provider for the third consecutive year.

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