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3 Reasons to Attend our Webinar: Carrier Compliance: How Multi-Carrier Shipping Solutions Connect You to your Carriers

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Our webinars with Logistics Management are a great way to learn and share information. We don’t just participate in them to say “we did it”— our goal is to bring invaluable parcel shipping knowledge and share new trends and information with as many manufacturers, retailers, and 3PLs as possible.  We know that leveraging best practices is the key to your success, and we take pride in our subject matter experts, our customers’ accomplishments, and our partnership with Logistics Management as a whole.  Next week, our President and CSO Ken Fleming will present: Carrier Compliance: How Multi-Carrier Shipping Solutions Connect You to your Carriers.

Here are three reasons why you should join us on Wednesday, 10/30/19:

Your Transportation Spend is Incredibly Important

Though no shipping manager in their right mind would ever purposely seek out the priciest shipping rates in history, they nevertheless can – and should expect to – experience serious sticker shock if they fail to consider all the complex and often conflicting service charges and fees that carriers assess when a shipment is out of compliance.

In fact, while your carrier’s base rate may be significantly lower than those of its competitors, if your shipment is out of compliance, the same carrier’s fees can wipe away the initial savings.  And if last year is any indication, companies should expect to incur an increasing array of carrier charges. During 2018, one carrier announced a $2.00 per-package processing fee for shippers who fail to provide package level detail (PLD) before delivery.  And as they have typically done in the past, all global carriers increased surcharges for the “usual suspects,” such as address correction.

But there’s good news: Companies don’t have to go it alone. In this webinar, Ken will explain how using sophisticated parcel shipping management processes and technologies as their guide, shippers can navigate through the complex and crowded field of carrier compliance and ultimately achieve cost savings.  In fact, with the right tools in hand, companies can create blended carrier strategies that ensure each parcel they ship gets automatically matched to the ideal carrier service and sent into motion according to carrier-defined rules.  When you consider that according to Gartner, by 2020, same-day delivery will drive up logistics costs as a percentage of revenue by 50%, having parcel shipping technology to eliminate compliance errors – and the associated charges that go with them – is no longer a “nice-to-have,” it’s a true necessity in the modern world of commerce.

You Can Build New Markets

While e-commerce may have shrunk geographic boundaries, crossing these boundaries requires shippers to navigate a labyrinth of local couriers, paperwork, tariffs, and customs – and if a shipment includes a high value or hazardous item, the process is even more elaborate.  Add consumer expectations for same-day/next day delivery to the mix, and organizations are suddenly under tremendous pressure to flawlessly navigate cross-border shipping while eliminating any chance of a shipment being held up at customs.

In this webinar, Ken will challenge you to think about the crucial vertebrae in your supply chain backbone, and how technology can strengthen their performance. For example, a Transportation Management System (TMS) for parcel shipping connects to all other systems and tools in a boundaryless way, enabling your organization to start small and scale into new markets when ready.  Suddenly, your organization can leverage a single system to manage carrier contracts, comply with label and documentation requirements, and see the long-term impact of various carrier service rates in any location – while also increasing your capacity to identify new carrier services (i.e. locally-based couriers) and on-board them quickly.

Meet Customer Expectations

One of the worst things that can happen when your shipment is out of compliance is that delivery is either delayed or prevented altogether.  And at a time when customer expectations are high and evolving, this is a risk you don’t want to take.  According to a new report from project44, 85% of marketers now say delivery is moderately to very important to their brand and customer experience.  This means that for shippers, working on the customer experience post-sale is essential for repeat purchases.

In this webinar, Ken will discuss how parcel shipping technology, and in particular a TMS for parcel shipping, both accelerates and orchestrates carrier rating, labeling, tracking, and invoicing with greater precision and certainty, making it possible to increase your on-time-in-full delivery rates. It’s multi-carrier shipping at its finest, where all parcel shipments can be accurately prepared for pick-up and delivered where and when the customer wants.

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