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Boosting Sales with Ecommerce Fulfillment: Ken Fleming Shares Tips with Multichannel Merchant

Heightened customer expectations and growing demand for faster, more convenient delivery have changed the ecommerce fulfillment game for retailers. To better meet these needs, many retailers increasingly put the customer first – not the product – to build loyalty. Leveraging automation in ecommerce fulfillment processes can help retailers provide optimal service and streamline the customer experience without increasing costs.

In a recent article for Multichannel Merchant, Logistyx President Ken Fleming shares multiple creative angles for retailers to best optimize ecommerce fulfillment operations in the age of high consumer expectations and increased competition. While some view these modern changes to the supply chain as a challenge, Ken provides insights on how to turn them into an advantage. The key is establishing a proactive, data-driven strategy built around automated technology to optimize parcel shipping and better serve customers.

Ken’s advice offers retailers a fresh perspective on a variety of tactics they can implement or revise in their organizations to set themselves apart from the competition and stay modern. Read Ken’s full article on Multichannel Merchant: “How to Boost your Sales with Ecommerce Fulfillment.”