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How a Cloud Multi-Carrier Parcel Management System Benefits Small to Medium-Size Businesses

A multi-carrier parcel management system helps companies streamline their parcel shipping processes to achieve on time delivery at the lowest possible cost. Rather than use one or two carrier-supplied systems to prepare a parcel for shipment, a multi-carrier parcel management system enables a shipper to rate shop across multiple carriers within a single system, automatically identifying the carrier that can provide the best rates to a particular region according to the shipper’s business rules, and ensuring every shipment is in compliance with each carrier’s labeling and communication standards, as well as with any applicable trade regulations.  This enables companies to quickly onboard new carriers or carrier services in the event of a supply chain disruption and provides them with the agility they need to accommodate increasing shipping volumes, manage new or unexpected shipment origins and destinations, and meet customer delivery expectations.

Cloud Systems Democratize Multi-Carrier Parcel Management Technology

get the ebook: critical capabilities of a tms for parcel shippingMany small and medium-size organizations incorrectly believe multi-carrier parcel management systems are only for large, enterprise organizations. While this notion may have been true when systems were installed on-premise and at great expense, the technology has now moved to the cloud and companies like Logistyx can bring the benefits of a multi-carrier parcel management system to any size company.  Because of the cloud, these systems offer a much lower total cost of ownership, are simpler to implement, and require no internal IT support.  Furthermore, a cloud-based solution easily scales to support a company as shipping volumes and complexity increase, enabling high-growth businesses to seize opportunities and react to threats without navigating manual processes or extracting data from clumsy systems.

Now is the Right Time for Small and Medium-Size Businesses to Invest in a Cloud Multi-Carrier Parcel Management System

Investing in new technology might seem unreasonable given today’s climate, but small- to medium-size companies with a growth mindset are actually moving forward with new technology implementations, and in particular with cloud multi-carrier parcel management systems to ensure that when the economy rebounds, they have the competitive edge.  Rather than plan for a return to “normal,” these businesses are instead using this time to redefine “normal” and prepare their supply chains to withstand increases in e-commerce and execute omnichannel order fulfillment.  They recognize a multi-carrier parcel management system will enable them to succeed in this new “normal” and give them the ability to:

  • Optimize and consolidate parcel shipments
  • Improve on-time delivery rates
  • Decrease parcel shipping spend
  • Reduce parcel shipping errors
  • Access a large carrier pool
  • Monitor shipments in real-time
  • Quickly evaluate carrier performance
  • Communicate shipment status to customers

Small and Medium-Size Shippers Need Data Too

For small and enterprise shippers alike, a cloud multi-carrier parcel management system will provide full oversight of shipping operations and deliver easy access to real-time data, allowing stakeholders to make insight-driven decisions on how and where to make changes that yield incremental increases in profits per parcel that add up to substantial bottom line savings.

For instance, the robust reporting in a cloud multi-carrier parcel management system enables businesses to regularly compare transportation spend by carrier, and across different zones, to identify trends that may impact financial growth.  And aggregating and analyzing data from business-critical applications such as an ERP in conjunction with a multi-carrier shipping system can help identify actionable opportunities, such as improving inventory availability to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Adopt a Growth Mindset

Small and medium-size businesses looking to make a level jump will need the help of a best-of-breed system such as Logistyx TME.  Check out the Logistyx quadrant to learn more about how an organization of any size can benefit from our cloud multi-carrier parcel management system.