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Coming to Grips with the Gig Economy for Last Mile Delivery: Ken Fleming Shares his Thoughts with Retail Logistics International

The gig economy has become familiar to us over the last decade or so, with on-demand drivers delivering meals, groceries, and people.  In an article for Retail Logistics International, Logistyx President, Ken Fleming, looks at how UK retailers are getting in on the act and delivering products directly from the store to the consumer, often within just a couple of hours of order placement.

“During the pandemic lockdowns, ship-from-store deliveries were fast-tracked, and non-essential retailers kept stores closed but allowed a skeleton workforce to process online orders for parcel deliveries, placing shipments for carrier or courier pick-up at the back door. As we move out of the pandemic, the appetite for using stores to ship local orders is continuing, creating ongoing demand for last mile delivery and growth opportunities for a new breed of gig economy on-demand services.”

Early adopting retailers can embrace gig economy fulfilment to get a leg up on the competition, offering more options to customers and minimizing the impact of capacity limitations and other disruptions among traditional carriers.

Read the full article and learn the key questions retailers should ask when considering gig economy fulfillment on Retail Logistics International.