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In early October, Logistyx President Ken Fleming published an article in Supply & Demand Chain Executive – “Expanding the Carrier Definition for Modern Parcel Shipping”– exploring how retailers like Walgreens are turning to the gig economy to improve delivery times and customer service alike.

As the holiday season drew closer and capacity crunches increased with major carriers, more gig economy couriers entered the carrier fray to pick up the slack. Two recent Dive Briefs from Retail Dive highlight this trend:

DoorDash plans to offer rapid delivery for retailers

The company has a few built-in advantages in the nascent space tied to its scale and the fact that millions of consumers already have the DoorDash app on their phones. But for retailers, the most important news is that DoorDash’s broader goal — at least for now — is to eventually offer DashMart rapid delivery as a service.

“We see a larger opportunity to help our partners offer quick deliveries to customers and believe we can take our learnings and play an active role in applying them to our partners’ businesses,” Fuad Hannon, DoorDash’s head of new verticals, wrote in an email. “Our plan is to test, iterate and learn with DashMart and ultimately expand this service to partners.”

Like Instacart, DoorDash is moving beyond courier delivery and online storefronts to offer fulfillment services to retailers. This aims to capitalize on retailers’ need to move beyond store-based fulfillment and explore new digital services as more consumers shop online.

Uber to deliver holiday goods from Rite Aid, GoPuff other retailers via Uber Eats

Uber on Tuesday announced the expansion of its seasonal delivery offerings with the launch of its new holiday hub on the Uber Eats platform. The category will expand throughout 2022 to serve various holidays.

The hub will house its recently launched Holiday Shop, which offers Christmas trees to customers in Los Angeles, San Diego and West Palm Beach as well as wreaths in New York City. Shoppers can open the Uber Eats app, click the “Holiday” billboard, and select holiday items from retailers like Rite Aid, GoPuff and Walgreens, according to the announcement.

As Ken stated in “Expanding the Carrier Definition for Modern Parcel Shipping:”

“By turning to gig economy delivery services, retailers are expanding the definition of a parcel carrier and significantly increasing the fulfillment options available to customers.”

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