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CustomerThink: 5 Simple Tactics for Saving on E-Commerce Shipping

As e-commerce increases and choice in retailers continues to grow, keeping costs in check while striving to meet customers’ exacting expectations can be difficult. Retailers generally want to keep shipping and packaging costs as low as possible to save money, while customers want safe packaging of goods and fast delivery times.

In a recent article for CustomerThink, Logistyx Technologies Vice President of Marketing & Communications Lisa Henthorn shares five fundamental shipping tactics e-commerce businesses can implement to reduce costs and satisfy customers’ demands. Lisa explores key shipping methods like selecting cost-efficient packaging, identifying a logical shipping method, consolidating orders, using predictive analytics data, and planning for returns.

Laying the groundwork with these simple, yet effective tactics helps businesses ensure their e-commerce shipping strategy connects seamlessly to maximize cost savings and better serve customers.

Read Lisa’s full article on CustomerThink: “How to Save on E-Commerce Shipping.”