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Digital Commerce 360: Ken Fleming on Peak Season Fulfillment Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted order fulfillment capabilities for retailers around the globe. While most finally managed to adjust systems to handle the volume spike, an unprecedented peak season raises a giant red flag. Major carriers have already alerted enterprise shippers they have limited capacity on top of announcing holiday surcharge increases.

In a recent article for Digital Commerce 360, Logistyx President Ken Fleming discusses the unique challenges:

“To reduce shipping costs, retailers need to manage flow amongst carriers via rate shopping, minimize the impact of surcharges during peak season, and choose the best-fit carrier and service for each fulfilled order. But by tying themselves to just one or two carriers, retailers have no chance to reduce costs.”

And how multi-carrier shipping technology provides a critical solution:

“Retailers looking to employ a multi-carrier shipping strategy to reduce shipping costs while also seeking to keep the process as simple as possible can turn to technology. SaaS-based multi-carrier shipping software ensures shippers can nimbly adjust to changing dynamics, whether pandemic-induced or merely the result of naturally growing sales.”

To learn how to reduce the risk of missing essential delivery windows for peak season, leaving customers unhappy and losing sales, read the full article on Digital Commerce 360: “Retailers not scaling fulfillment capacity are already behind the 8 ball