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Instant Gratification vs. Sustainability: Logistyx President Ken Fleming Explores the Environmental Impact of E-commerce Parcel Shipping at Forbes

Climate change is harming our planet and our health, and e-commerce parcel shipping is contributing to the problem as retailers and carriers turn orders around fast to please customers. Greater shipment volume and frequency create more carbon emissions and more waste.

In his latest article for Forbes, Logistyx President Ken Fleming argues to fix this problem, retailers, carriers, and consumers all must make meaningful changes. In short:

Retailers must:

  • Offer ecologically friendly packaging
  • Present eco-friendly shipping options

Carriers must:

  • Continue to invest in alternative fuel vehicles to reduce emissions
  • Emphasize alternatives to daily at-home delivery
  • Expand eco-options globally

Shoppers must:

  • Prioritize sustainability over immediate gratification

“The fundamental shift in mindset about how we shop is likely to have the greatest effect of all. When we prioritize sustainability over instant gratification, shop with companies that prioritize sustainability, and demand more sustainable options from shippers and carriers, then we’ll see a dramatic shift in our impact on the environment.”

Read Ken’s full article, “Sustainability Vs. Instant Gratification: Shopping And Shipping In 2022,” for the dirty details on the impact of consumerism superseding concern for the environment and how we must all play a role in changing the equation.

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