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EPSNews: David Hogg Shares Steps for Effective Supply Chain Digital Transformation

The growing complexities of the global economy, the ongoing rise in e-commerce, and increasing customer expectations continue to create challenges for companies managing supply chain operations. To help confront these challenges and keep pace with customers’ needs, companies increasingly understand the importance of digitally transforming their supply chain to increase flexibility, improve visibility, and reduce costs.

Digital transformation of supply chains requires a wide range of tools for automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to effectively react and adapt to increasing demand and customer expectations. As cloud computing and other advancements in automation make new tools and technologies more accessible, even the smallest organizations can opt into a digital transformation, which leaves larger organizations no choice if they want to stay competitive.

In a recent article for EPSNews, Logistyx Technologies Vice President of Business Development David Hogg shares steps companies can take to successfully embark on their own digital transformation journey. David provides insights on ways embracing the cloud can offer a clearer view into the supply chain and give organizations improved access to data to drive better business decisions, while outlining considerations for data privacy and security, and enhanced visibility into last-mile delivery.

Read David’s full article on EPSNews: “Supply Chain Embraces the Cloud to Drive Digital Transformation.”