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EPSNews: Logistyx President Ken Fleming Shares Insights for Avoiding Holiday Shipping Capacity Challenges

Now entering the thick of the holiday season with the pandemic resurging, the continued growth in online orders will lead to a significant increase in parcel shipping this peak season, with more packages headed to consumers’ doorsteps than ever before. Every part of the shipping chain will be stressed, with the last-mile part of the journey being stretched the most. In addition to shipping delays this holiday season, businesses must also contend with peak delivery surcharges and this peak season will add unprecedented expenses to shippers’ transportation budgets.

In a recent article for EPSNews, Logistyx Technologies President Ken Fleming discusses some of the shifts consumers and merchants are making to navigate this unique peak shopping season. He shares insights on carrier surcharges, early shopping trends, and other obstacles fulfillment teams face entering peak season 2020.

To manage the excess volumes successfully and offer cost-effective ways to meet rapidly evolving customer demands, many merchants have implemented fulfillment strategies that include a multi-carrier transportation network. By growing their carrier network, merchants can introduce more options and capacity into the parcel delivery mix and create greater flexibility and diversity in fulfillment to stay ahead of delivery capacity shortages and increasing e-commerce volumes.

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