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Five Ways to Encourage Holiday Gift Sales from Customers in other Countries

Logistyx-commissioned survey shows purchase influences in cross-border e-commerce on consumers’ holiday shopping behavior this year.

Not only has the pandemic accelerated e-commerce, but it has also encouraged people to consider making online purchases from retailers they’ve never ordered from before – and even experiment with shopping online with companies in other countries.

At Logistyx, we wanted to explore the impact of the growing interest in cross-border e-commerce on consumers’ holiday shopping behavior this year. How likely are festive shoppers to order gifts from abroad and what’s likely to determine whether they do or don’t place that order?

Our new research reveals that in fact 55% of online shoppers from around the world would be open to buying holiday gifts from countries other than their own, but almost half (48%) are concerned their cross-border purchases will not arrive in time.  This is based on a survey we commissioned of 2,035 online shoppers based in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia.

The findings point to five key learnings for retailers and e-commerce brands looking to take advantage of cross-border sales in the run up to the festive season.

1. Offer online tracking.

69% of online shoppers surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that having access to online tracking would have an impact on whether they made a gift purchase from abroad.

2. Give an estimated delivery time – and stick to it!

The estimated delivery time would be a factor in the gift-purchasing decision of 69% of respondents, helping to overcome worries about purchases not arriving in time.

­­­3. Make returns easy – no matter where the customer is based.

Similarly, having an easy returns process for holiday gifts, would also make 69% of those surveyed more confident purchasing from abroad.

4. Be clear and upfront about delivery costs and any taxes or duties that are payable.

No one wants a nasty surprise when ordering holiday gifts.  61% agreed or strongly agreed that additional duties or taxes would impact their decision to purchase from another country.

5. Implement Christmas/holiday sales promotions.

60% of those surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that holiday gift sales or promotions would impact their decision to make a festive gift purchase from a company overseas.

What influences online shoppers’ cross-border festive purchases?

To what extent do you agree or disagree that these factors would impact your decision to make a Christmas/ festive holiday gift purchase from a company in another country? Agree/Strongly Agree
Ability to easily track the order online 69%
Estimated delivery time 69%
Easy returns processes 69%
Delivery charges 66%
Additional duties or taxes on cross border purchases 61%
Christmas/ festive holiday gift sales and promotions 60%

Quick Guide - Critical Capabilities of a Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping Solution

Many of the world’s top retailers – representing more than $75 billion in combined annual web sales – already trust Logistyx to provide the necessary control and visibility to exceed their customers’ expectations and ensure cost-effective parcel shipments, no matter where in the world they are ordering from.  With proactive alerts about problems and options to resolve them, including carrier swaps and automatic customer notifications, keeping purchasers up to date with their delivery status is made easy.  And with more than 550 carrier integrations globally, no matter which country customers are ordering holiday gifts from, Logistyx can help.

When it comes to returns, Logistyx can help reduce shippers’ costs, by:

  • Determining the best carrier service for return shipping
  • Automatically printing return shipping labels in advance and placing them in the outbound parcel
  • Helping retailers factor returns into the cost of shipping

“With online purchasing growing exponentially since the start of the pandemic last year, we have seen an increased willingness among shoppers to buy from other countries.  However, for retailers and direct-to-consumer companies to realise the true potential of overseas gift sales during the festive shopping season, there are some clear issues to address. Ensuring they have reliable online shipment tracking, dependable estimated delivery times, clear policies on returns, as well as transparency regarding delivery costs and potential additional charges can all help to open up the potential to grow sales from other parts of the world during peak,” said Geoffrey Finlay, CEO, Logistyx Technologies.

About the Survey

Logistyx Technologies commissioned international market research consultancy Censuswide to conduct an online survey of 2,035 online shoppers (512 in the UK, 500 in the US, 507 in Australia, and 516 in Germany). The survey was conducted in August 2021.