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7 Benefits of Integrating your Multi-Carrier Parcel Solution with your Business Systems

At Logistyx, we continuously deepen our ties with complementary solution partners to deliver the flexibility, security, and speed our customers need to accelerate their success. We know from experience that when the shipping execution process is seamlessly integrated with the total fulfillment workflow, new automation opportunities appear that bear substantial cost savings to the shipping function. Here are 7 benefits of integrating your multi-carrier parcel solution with your business systems:

1. Reduce Handling Costs

Shippers reduce fulfillment costs by reducing the number of times a product is manually handled throughout the fulfillment process.  By integrating a multi-carrier parcel solution with other supply chain systems, the final pack, inspection, weigh, and release are accomplished with only one bar code scan.

2. Centralize All Shipping Functions

A multi-carrier parcel system will execute shipments throughout an enterprise regardless of multiple shipping origins and/or multiple modes of transportation.  With a single database and single-user interface, the system enables rating and routing rules to be set for all locations.  In addition, shippers gain efficiencies through managing all transactions in one system.

3. Improve Automation by Using Business Rules

Most shipping systems today have the ability to “filter” requests through business rules of some kind, whether it be a 4GL or an open language like Java.  These rules can be turned on or off with a single click, thus giving the shipper more control over the automated shipping methods for controlling process flow or customer transit preferences – ultimately reducing the cost of the transaction.

4. Instill Multiple Location Control

Even though enterprise-class parcel shipping software achieves cost savings through centralization, local control must be available to each shipping origin within the enterprise.  Shipping origins affect rating, unique customer preferences, and manifest control.  The multi-carrier parcel solution will give the shipper the best of both worlds: centralized control with local personalization.

5. Integrate with Material Handling

One of the more common uses of multi-carrier in a high-volume operation is the integration with material-handling servers to automate a “print and apply” operation.  This process utilizes robotics with conveyor sorting functionality, wherein packed containers can be weighed, rated, labeled with a packing list, and automatically affixed with a carrier label.  One of the key advantages of the software in this environment is higher performance.  It is, in some cases, the determining factor between applying 10 labels per minute or 60 labels per minute.

6. Improve Transportation Planning

The particular mix of transportation modes used by the shipper will determine the overall benefit of pre-planning.  If freight loads can be identified or if parcel carriers can be selected based on lowest cost prior to fulfillment, bottlenecks and constraints can be removed at the shipping execution point of the fulfillment process.  Pre-processing of the shipment can also lend itself to printing of the shipping label with the pick ticket before the order is picked, which can replace any in-house LPN labeling, in addition to removing any label printing constraints at the end of the line.

7. Leverage Sophisticated Reporting

Now that the multi-carrier parcel software has collected all of the shipping origins, transportation modes, shipping transactions, and business rules in ONE database, through the use of simple report-writers, the enterprise shipping information can be more readily accessible for business intelligence reporting.  In most cases, this will be the first time the shipper is able to compare and contrast historical information of multiple-mode shipping transactions occurring across multi-location shipping origins.

Make Life Easier by Integrating your Multi-Carrier Parcel Solution with your Business Systems

Shippers that integrate their business systems with a multi-carrier parcel solution like Logistyx TME will rapidly realize time and money savings. To learn more about how the business system integration process with Logistyx is managed, contact one of our experts today.