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It’s no secret that what happens behind the scenes in your supply chain impacts the experience a customer receives with your product. Any flaw — be it a lack of product availability, an incorrect package label, or a carrier delay — affects the quality and consistency of a customer’s experience with your brand. Of course, no organization is perfect (and getting the right supply chain technology stack in place certainly takes some work), but it’s often the organizations that leverage multi-carrier parcel shipping technology that have the advantage.

What is multi-carrier parcel shipping technology?

The elevator pitch: multi-carrier parcel shipping technology is a category of shipping technology that focuses on helping organizations increase transportation cost savings and improve on-time delivery rates.

The deep dive: multi-carrier parcel shipping technology emerged as a solution to address the complexities and operational strain high volume, global parcel shipping places on organizations. The system makes it easy to increase shipping agility by providing shippers with the ability to quickly onboard, leverage, and optimize multiple carrier services, including regional and last-mile providers, while also producing the data and analytics necessary to uncover opportunities to increase savings and on-time delivery performance. It’s a lifeline to logistics professionals seeking to rapidly increase their available shipping options to manage any distribution issues that arise and achieve on-time delivery rates, and it serves as a reliable method to reduce transportation and fulfillment costs. Typical quantitative ROI calculations show the investment payback well within 12 months of implementation.

What is Logistyx TME?

At Logistyx, we recognize that supply chain executives work at their highest potential when instead of staffing data analysts and fulfillment operations experts (and carrying the significant overhead that comes with large personnel budgets), they can instead leverage a data driven, unified software solution to improve the metrics on which they’re measured: ensuring carrier capacity and flexibility in any shipping climate, providing delivery excellence and customer satisfaction, and containing costs – to name a few! Therefore, leading shippers around the world turn to our multi-carrier shipping technology, Logistyx TME, to simplify the complexity of their parcel shipping operations by:

  • Centralizing all shipping functions: The Logistyx multi-carrier parcel shipping system enables shippers to execute shipments throughout an enterprise regardless of multiple shipping origins and/or multiple modes of transportation. With a single database and single-user interface, rating and routing rules can be set for all locations while gaining efficiencies through managing all transactions in one system.
  • Ensuring carrier compliance: Today’s common parcel carriers have stringent requirements for meeting compliance programs for all their service levels (next-day, express, ground, etc.). These compliance programs address all facets of the shipping process from rating, creation of proprietary bar coding, EDI transmission of shipping manifests, and track-and-trace functionality, to name a few. Logistyx’s multi-carrier parcel shipping technology ensures that each shipment, regardless of carrier, follows these requirements.
  • Rate shopping: Logistyx’s multi-carrier parcel shipping technology rates shipments and compares those rates to other contracted carriers for the same weight, destination, and delivery times. Automated rate shopping selects the optimal carrier for the shipment at the time the order is received instead of doing this later in the shipping workflow, thus alleviating constraints that may occur during the actual shipping process. Logistyx also shops between the parcel mode and the LTL freight mode for those loads that could use either mode.
  • Optimizing transportation by using business rules: The Logistyx multi-carrier parcel shipping system “filters” requests through business rules execution. These rules can be turned on or off, thus giving the shipper more control over the automated shipping methods used to control process flow or customer transit preferences and ultimately reduce the cost of the transaction.
  • Improving Customer Service – Using the Logistyx multi-carrier parcel shipping system commonly results in marked improvements in communication and better results in serving the customer. Proactive functions like email notification and immediate track-and-trace enablement of a shipment with the carrier have been shown to result in a significant decrease of calls to customer service. Ultimately, satisfied customers translate to repeat customers and increased business.
  • Leveraging Business Intelligence: Once the Logistyx system has collected all the shipping origins, transportation modes, shipping transactions, and business rules in ONE database, the enterprise shipping information is more readily accessible for business intelligence reporting. In most cases, this will be the first time the shipper is able to compare historical information of multiple-mode shipping transactions occurring across multi-location shipping origins.

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Who needs multi-carrier parcel shipping technology?

Anyone involved in the planning, execution, or optimization of parcel shipping can benefit from the efficiency, savings, and insight a multi-carrier parcel shipping solution brings. With that said, there are several key user types likely to benefit the most. Here are a few:

Fulfillment Executives

The last thing fulfillment executives want are inflexible shipping workflows that put their order fulfillment metrics at risk. Therefore, fulfillment executives rely on multi-carrier parcel shipping systems to enable nimble warehouse operations and inform transportation decisions, empowering them to successfully respond to e-commerce growth and execute timely omnichannel order fulfillment movements such as ship-to-store, ship-from store, and returns.

Procurement Executives

Procurement executives negotiate carrier contracts for their companies. They want to keep costs down without sacrificing quality and maintain relationships with carriers’ sales teams. The depth of data involved in procuring the most valuable contracts is enormous, and the variables are countless, so procurement professionals need immediate, accurate, and easy-to-digest information. With the help of a multi-carrier parcel shipping system, procurement executives gain insight into complex, oft-shifting transportation data points, which improves their projection capabilities and allows them to procure the most valuable shipping contracts.

E-Commerce Executives

Behind every online purchase is a team of e-commerce executives who are responsible for keeping customers happy, which includes ensuring each shipment is delivered on time and in full. In their world, multi-carrier parcel shipping software is welcome technology that keeps order fulfillment moving smoothly. They look for carrier-agnostic, global shipping solutions that scale – enabling them to simplify the complexity of high volume, global parcel shipping and service millions.

Learn More about Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping Technology

The goal of multi-carrier parcel shipping software is to help organizations improve their parcel shipping outcomes. It enables organizations to ship to anywhere from anywhere, while ensuring they can meet customer expectations for faster, transparent delivery. It gives them greater, more proactive control of their parcel shipping networks not only by supporting shipping processes but also by aggregating data that provides better insights into parcel operations.

Interested in learning more about how a multi-carrier parcel shipping solution can help your organization take control of its logistics? See why you’ll love Logistyx TME.