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Investing in Technology Advancements to Enhance Sustainable Supply Chain Operations

As consumers increasingly demand quicker delivery of goods, the logistics of getting merchandise into customers’ hands has grown more complicated. At the same time, consumers have become conscious of the need for making deliveries more ecological. The focus on more sustainable, environmentally friendly delivery practices has led many shippers and transportation companies to re-evaluate their supply chains to strike this balance and better meet consumer expectations.

For instance, DHL Express recently ordered 12 electric aircraft from Eviation as part of its new push toward addressing broader sustainability concerns and zero-emission logistics while supporting e-commerce deliveries.

According to American Shipper, the new electric cargo jets “appear well suited for the on-demand, e-commerce environment where small, frequent batch deliveries are required.” Company officials say the aircraft will be used in its middle-mile U.S. network, replacing some similar-size planes that currently connect large air hubs and regional markets.

Other major carriers made similar moves in recent months:

It’s clear that sustainability within the logistics industry will become increasingly significant – not only to eco-conscious consumers, but to improving the end-to-end supply chain.

To create a more sustainable future in the logistics industry, companies continue to invest in and implement technology to gain actionable insights on improving operations to increase the efficiency of transportation and move toward a greener supply chain. The analytics capabilities of Logistyx’s cloud-based multi-carrier solution for global parcel shipping does just that by providing customers with the raw data and insights they need to continue to move their unique sustainability initiatives forward to both reduce environmental costs and waste as well as increase efficiency.

Logistyx’s multi-carrier parcel solution provides shippers the ability to easily choose the most environmentally friendly shipping mode and select the ‘right’ way to ship any particular package from a range of carriers and couriers based on business metrics by tapping into Logistyx’s library of more than 550 carrier integrations.

The use of Logistyx’s advanced multi-carrier parcel solution will increase agility by providing shippers with the ability to quickly onboard, leverage and optimize multiple carrier services while producing the data and analytics necessary to understand where logistics performance is sub-par and uncover opportunities to increase performance and savings, while making sustainable supply chain decisions.

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