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Essential Workers: Keeping the Supply Chain Transportation Workforce Safe During COVID

When the COVID-19 pandemic initially broke out, warehouses, distribution centers, and other transportation hubs rushed to do what they could to keep their workers safe. Many supply chain businesses had little choice but to continue operations due to their critical nature. As more was learned about proper health and safety protocols, supply chain managers implemented new ways to keep employees safe and ensure the essential work could continue.

In the past several months, for example, these companies have adjusted workflows in warehouses and established other changes from rigorous sanitizing of warehouse equipment, requiring warehouse employees wear masks, reconfiguring workstations to encourage social distancing, staggering shifts, and limiting visitors into local offices and warehouses. These changes enable supply chain companies to keep workers safe while also handling the increasing demand for e-commerce.

However, as the pandemic rages on, the coronavirus continues to disrupt labor availability throughout the supply chain, with many in the industry calling on the U.S. government to prioritize transportation workers for vaccines, rapid testing and personal protective equipment (PPE), including dockworkers and truck drivers.

As Transport Topics reports, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee scheduled a hearing to assess the pandemic’s impact on the country’s mobility networks, and potential solutions to ongoing problems. The panel’s chairman, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) reiterated the importance of transportation workers in keeping the economy moving, stating that they “… are vital to keeping grocery stores stocked with supplies and transporting PPE, and other medical equipment, including life-saving vaccines, throughout the country during the pandemic.”

Keeping supply chain transportation workers safe and healthy would help mitigate any major workforce disruptions from COVID-19, ensuring both supply chain sustainability and consistent deliveries to consumers.

It’s crucial to protect workers within the supply chain to maintain continuity of their critical contributions, and Logistyx salutes their effort and dedication in a time where delivery has become a vital tool for securing the health and safety of global populations.

Logistyx works with manufacturers, retailers, 3PLs and leaders in the pharmaceutical industry alike to help distribute vaccines, ventilators, PPE and other critical tools in the fight against the global pandemic through industry leading technology, but none of it would be possible without the supply chain workforce fulfilling orders, making deliveries, and more.

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