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Ken Fleming Shares Solutions for Combating Budget-Breaking Carrier Rates in Total Retail

In part one of a two-part article series for Total Retail, Logistyx Technologies President and Chief Sales Officer Ken Fleming shared insights into how retailers can control carrier rates for parcel shipping by using the right tools to achieve cost savings. In the second part of the series, Fleming goes on to discuss how carriers have been able to raise rates due to the challenges around the growing popularity of e-commerce among consumers worldwide and the shortage of qualified drivers in the global shipping industry. To combat these escalating shipping costs and meet the exceeding demands for shipping, retailers should utilize multicarrier technology to effectively choose the ideal carrier at the right time and at the right place. Fleming lays out steps for retailers to effectively negotiate with carriers for the best rates and leverage technology to determine the most time- and cost-effective solution. Read more from Ken Fleming on Total Retail: How Shippers Can Fight Back Against Budget-Breaking Carrier Rates.”