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Ken Fleming Discusses Sustainability and Parcel Shipping in Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Consumers are placing an increasing importance on purchasing products that are environmentally friendly, and manufacturers are responding with product portfolios that include green goods and recycled packaging.  However, it’s important to remember sustainability isn’t just about ethically sourced raw materials, it’s also about improving the end-to-end supply chain to both reduce environmental costs and waste as well as increase efficiency. In fact, it is often the combination of many small(er) changes throughout the supply chain that make a big impact.

In a recent article in Manufacturing & Logistics IT, Logistyx Technologies President Ken Fleming shares two key areas for improvement in sustainability in direct-to-consumer e-commerce: packaging and shipping modes.  From “fitted” packaging that can be reused for returns… to consolidating shipments… to adding couriers to the transportation network… to offering incentives for longer shipment delivery windows, Ken discusses how a cloud Transportation Management Solution (TMS) for global parcel shipping with Business Intelligence provides shippers with the raw data and insights to manage complex supply chain ecosystems with an eye toward improving sustainability.

Be sure to read Ken’s full article on Manufacturing & Logistics IT: Improving Sustainability in the Parcels Market: Two Key Focus Areas and then contact us to explore opportunities to improve sustainability in your own supply chain.