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Leveraging IoT Data for Last-Mile Delivery: Ken Fleming Featured in IoT World Today

According to Logistyx President Ken Fleming in a recent IoT World Today article, “the last mile should be the first thing you think about.”

So, how can shippers prepare for and execute successful last-mile parcel shipping while balancing cost, service, time management, and solid planning? The answer to this critical question varies for every shipper, but there are some considerations that can help any business take their last-mile strategy further. Data insights, tech solutions, and an integrated plan that ensures all systems are working together are all key to meeting consumer’s high expectations for parcel delivery and your company’s revenue and execution goals.

While the last-mile landscape is more intricate and complex than ever, it also contains a multitude of insights that shippers can use to their advantage. Utilizing advanced technology that supports the Internet of Things (IoT) and allows unrestricted access to real-time insights, shippers can effectively mine through this rich data to remove some of the complexity and achieve greater visibility into carrier data to more seamlessly fulfill last-mile delivery.

A solid plan of action must include proper use of IoT data to its full extent, including proactive team communication, forecasting, and researching new products and solutions that could help your company better understand the competitive last-mile landscape.

Check out IoT World Today for more on this topic from Ken and other logistics leaders. And, learn more about how Logistyx’s Business Intelligence helps shippers gain real-time visibility into each parcel shipment and invaluable insights for cutting costs and scaling your end-to-end shipping strategy, including critical last-mile delivery.