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Logistics Viewpoints: Going Beyond Execution in E-Commerce Returns

Returns volume continues to increase rapidly alongside the growth of e-commerce and early estimates of the 2019-2020 holiday season reflect this trend. For example, according to Digital Commerce 360, UPS predicted a 26% year-over-year  increase in returns on January 2, which it calls National Returns Day; this would amount to 1.9 million returned packages on this day, via UPS alone.

Many top shippers are challenging the notion of returns as a “cost of doing business” they must passively accept. In fact, a lot can be done to counter the growth of returns from an operational perspective, and many of the world’s biggest retailers have identified game-changing insights by looking at the returns process more critically.

In a recent article for Logistics Viewpoints, Logistyx Technologies President and Chief Sales Officer Ken Fleming shares insights on the importance of incorporating brand values to establish an effective returns execution. Ken also offers guidance for moving beyond execution to get more analytical in examining returns data to unlock key business insights and combat the growth of or even reduce e-commerce returns.

With the right parcel shipping software solutions, sellers can adopt a more proactive approach to returns with the ability to effectively orchestrate e-commerce shipping and returns with greater precision and transparency. Utilizing a transportation management system (TMS) for parcel shipping can help companies proficiently determine the best return policy and automate the returns process while making it possible to see what’s happening across the entire shipping ecosystem in real-time to make more measured business decisions.

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