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Logistics Viewpoints Features Ken Fleming on How to Calculate the ROI of a Parcel TMS

Interest in adding a TMS for parcel shipping continues to rise among shippers as e-commerce volumes increase, omnichannel delivery strategies become a priority and consumer expectations for same-day and next-day delivery persist. But while a parcel TMS can help shippers cost-effectively manage rapid increases in parcel volumes, it’s important to note it also helps shippers provide excellent customer service in a profitable way. (And how a shipper implements the technology impacts just how well the investment will pay off.) In a recent article in Logistics Viewpoints, Logistyx Technologies President and Chief Sales Officer Ken Fleming describes how shippers with a firm understanding of their current shipping environment can forecast the impact of shipping to ROI of a parcel TMS by asking two preliminary questions before starting an implementation:

  1. Do the benefits of a parcel TMS outweigh its total cost of ownership?
  2. Can adoption of a parcel TMS deliver ROI during each stage of its rollout?

Ken also advises shippers on how to leverage their own shipping data to answer each question with greater precision and better understand what’s at stake. Read Ken’s full article on Logistyx Viewpoints: Determining the ROI of a Parcel TMS.”