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Logistics Viewpoints: Ken Fleming on Simplifying HAZMAT Returns

HAZMAT parcel shipping is full of intricacies, both inbound and outbound. The difference? Outbound HAZMAT shipments are carefully prepared and handled by trained professionals to meet safety and compliance standards, whereas with HAZMAT returns, that burden falls to the consumer.

With online shopping at an all-time high due to COVID-19, it’s clear shippers need a thorough HAZMAT returns strategy to ensure safety and compliance. Logistyx President Ken Fleming broke down the complexities of HAZMAT returns in a recent article for Logistics Viewpoints. Ken’s few easy-to-implement steps for shippers can help improve or establish a consistent, reliable HAZMAT returns strategy.

One of Ken’s most important points: shippers should make the returns process easy for consumers. As Ken wrote, “Retailers accepting HAZMAT returns can work to simplify the process as much as possible by handling the bulk of the paperwork and providing clear instructions about packaging and labeling the return shipment. Taking these extra steps to ensure a smooth transaction goes a long way to keeping consumers happy and building a strong relationship.”

Learn how you can help ensure HAZMAT compliance for customers and carriers and automate the process to ensure seamless execution. Check out Ken’s full article on HAZMAT Returns in Logistyx Viewpoints: Simplifying the Burden of HAZMAT Returns