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Logistics Viewpoints: Omnichannel Retailers Skillfully Adapt in a Crisis

As early as February, omnichannel retailers were responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, initiating contingency plans for redirecting inventory to retail stores in other regions to diminish fallout. Large scale changes of this nature don’t come easily for most retailers, but those with truly integrated omnichannel systems can see, project demand for and shift inventory with relative ease, just one of the many ways omnichannel retailers can respond to a global pandemic or any number of disruptions that global supply chains may encounter.

In a recent article for Logistics Viewpoints, Logistyx Technologies President Ken Fleming shares how omnichannel organizations had many more options available to them to initially react to the pandemic and look ahead to recovery and preparation modes.

With an eye on how quickly the world in which we operate can change, more retailers have come to realize the benefits of a dynamic, multi-carrier approach to order fulfillment and parcel shipping, along with using fulfillment analytics to improve the process for critical decision making.

Learning from the examples of others, many retailers are laying the omnichannel groundwork to lessen the impact of this pandemic and better prepare for possible disruptions going forward.

Read Ken’s full article on Logistics Viewpoints: “Powerful Reactions: Omnichannel Responds Well in a Crisis” and drop us a line for assistance in preparing for the next supply chain disruption.