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Twice as Nice: Logistyx Again Named the #1 Fulfillment Software Vendor to Digital Commerce 360’s Top 1000 Retailers

Digital Commerce 360 Research provides data and information about e-commerce that helps retail companies, investors, and technology providers prosper, and we’re pleased to announce it has again placed Logistyx first on its list of top fulfillment software providers to the Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000 Retailers. The honor shines a spotlight on Logistyx’s innovation in parcel shipping and on our ability to step up during these uncertain times and provide a reliable solution to our broad customer base of retailers.

Logistyx’s cloud Transportation Management System (TMS) for parcel shipping makes it possible for retailers to ship millions of parcels worldwide at the lowest possible cost. Our customers enjoy carrier rating and rate shopping across all carriers within their transportation network, as well as seamless shipment execution and parcel tracking from distribution origin to doorstep. Easy integrations with leading supply chain software providers such as Oracle, BlueYonder, Manhattan, SAP, and more mean retailers have complete visibility into – and control over – their order fulfillment operations. They also benefit from an accurate, real-time data exchange between systems, improving efficiencies across multiple supply chain functions and reducing the risk of human error.

Top 1000 Retailers are Future-Proofing Supply Chains

Facing the challenges posed by an unusual online shopping landscape, with tight carrier capacity and high shipping costs, fulfillment teams face significant obstacles this peak season. Retailers and eTailers will be on the order fulfillment end of record levels of online orders, and to manage these volumes successfully and offer cost-effective ways to meet rapidly evolving customer demands, necessary operations and fulfillment strategy implementations are well underway.

Many retailers are digitizing their supply chain management and moving as much of their technology stack as possible to the cloud – improving the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of their supply chains. A digitized supply chain improves a retailer’s ability to:

  • Anticipate risk
  • Improve transparency and coordination across the supply chain
  • Manage issues that arise from increasing complexity

For example, knowing how quickly cloud-based supply chain operations can shift in response to a crisis or disruption, more retailers have come to realize the benefits of a cloud TMS for parcel shipping to improve the flexibility of their order fulfillment operations, and are therefore turning to Logistyx to quickly build and optimize flexible distribution models leveraging multiple carrier services. But the digital transformations don’t stop there. Retailers are also prioritizing improvements in tracking and transparency across all carriers by utilizing Logistyx’s Control Tower technology, which helps shippers gain greater visibility into a product’s journey to track potential delivery disruptions and easily share information to improve customer service and real-time communication.

And when shippers pair our cloud-based Control Tower with our Business Intelligence technology, they normalize shipping data and execute quick, real-time analyses. Instead of scrambling at the last minute, retailers have loads of information at their fingertips within minutes of a potential disruption. These analyses help them look at their transportation costs in a deeper way, identifying problems, zeroing in on their root causes, and uncovering opportunities to improve. With better information, retailers gain the necessary flexibility to continuously optimize their fulfillment and shipping strategies in any shipping scenario and transform fulfillment processes while slashing costs over the long term.

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The Digital Commerce 360 ranking of top solution providers offers a roadmap for retailers searching for the e-commerce technologies and services most preferred by the Top 1000 merchants. Vendor rankings are based on the number of clients in the 2020 edition of Digital Commerce 360’s Top 1000.

To learn more about how the Logistyx TMS for parcel shipping can improve your parcel shipping operations, watch our video: The Logistyx Shipping Quadrant.