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Logistyx Business Intelligence Powers Parcel Shipping Transformation

Logistyx’s cloud multi-carrier parcel shipping system with Business Intelligence aggregates and normalizes shipping data across carriers, so shippers have unprecedented reporting capabilities and a system of record for shipping.

When it comes to parcel shipping, companies can’t afford to lose a single minute or dollar to inefficiencies. But as shippers scale operations to meet increasing demand, they often find themselves juggling applications that don’t play well together. They may work in silos without clear visibility on overall parcel shipping performance. As a result, transportation teams overspend, miss parcel delivery deadlines, and ultimately disappoint customer expectations.

But adding more tools to already sprawling supply chain technology stacks just makes the problem worse. Instead, shippers must adopt a new, more systematic approach to parcel shipping management and measurement.

A System of Record for Parcel Shipping

Unlike other strategic business functions such as finance and human resources, parcel shipping usually lacks a “system of record” that connects and automates the essential data necessary to effectively run and scale the business.

Logistyx’s cloud multi-carrier parcel shipping system with Business Intelligence aggregates and normalizes shipping data across carriers, so shippers have unprecedented reporting capabilities and a system of record for shipping – a source of truth that visualizes the full shipping lifecycle across SKUs, geographies, and more, so supply chain teams can optimize transportation strategies.

Logistyx Business Intelligence:

  • Eliminates silos, connecting people, processes, data, and technology so teams can make decisions with context and tie parcel shipping operations to company strategy.
  • Automates parcel shipping performance reporting, identifying delivery errors and inefficiencies and empowering shippers to increase on-time delivery rates, shipping velocity, and order volume.
  • Flags the impact of carrier capacity limitations and order demand, providing managers with the ability to pivot carriers and transportation budgets to match customer expectations.
  • Collects data and surfaces insights, giving leaders a source of truth and telemetry to steer, predict, and report on the business of parcel shipping with confidence and predictability.

Parcel Shipping Data at Scale

According to Ken Fleming, president of Logistyx, “With Logistyx Business Intelligence, we’ve achieved what we set out to do: build a reporting engine capable of aggregating and normalizing shipping data across multiple carriers at scale, and our customers are increasingly utilizing the technology.  We’ve both automated reporting and made transportation simulations possible in a single, connected source of truth.  As a result, shippers achieve a new level of operational veracity within the business, capable of predicting, sharing, and delivering on KPIs across complex distribution scenarios.”

Mike Eisner, V.P. of Business Intelligence, agrees, and points out that having a single source of truth is more critical than ever when shipping parcels in a post-pandemic world. “Having access to good data, metrics, and reporting can make or break shippers in the current parcel environment. With carriers over-capacity right now, shippers are being hit with everything from peak surcharges to lesser capabilities to unfavorable contract terms.  To offset these challenges, shippers need alternatives and options or risk being at the mercy of their carriers’ shipment thresholds and, subsequently, disappointing their own customers.”

Keeping Order Fulfillment on Track

Logistyx features a carrier library of more than 550 carriers, and Logistyx solutions seamlessly integrate with Manhattan, BlueYonder, Oracle, SAP, HighJump, Microsoft, VAI, IFS, and other business applications.  Shippers often choose Logistyx because they can build a complete, connected supply chain ecosystem in the cloud.  And when shippers go from wrestling with disparate, on-premises, and even manual transportation management systems to a single, cloud-based multi-carrier parcel management solution with Business Intelligence and integrated with their supply chain and business technology stacks, they start to see the results quickly.  States Eisner, “Often, shippers find new ways to get their products from point A to point B to save money and gain supply chain efficiencies. I’ve seen several examples where shippers put our system in place and quickly find new carrier options to satisfy the tens of millions of shipments they process every year, sometimes tracking hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings. By extending the concept of transportation execution to include Business Intelligence, Logistyx drives the inefficiency out of parcel shipping processes; that’s where the real ROI is achieved.”

Get the Most out of your Parcel Shipping Operations with Business Intelligence

A multi-carrier parcel shipping system with Business Intelligence can unveil opportunities to increase throughput, decrease transportation spend, and improve customer service.  Watch our video: Find your True Parcel Shipping Data to learn more.