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Logistyx Doubles Down on its FedEx Diamond Tier Status

Of the estimated 120 million skiers across the world, only a handful have the expertise to successfully descend a Double Diamond, which, for good reasons, less experienced skiers tend to avoid. Though it didn’t require us to navigate around an ice wall or make a near-vertical drop off a horizontal collection of rocks, Logistyx Technologies recently scored a rare Double Diamond victory of our own. As we announced about a month ago, Logistyx was honored by FedEx with its Diamond Tier Award for 2019, which the global carrier bestows only upon a select few of their most experienced and gifted parcel shipping partners. What we neglected to mention then – but are extremely proud to point out now – is that Logistyx didn’t just receive one Diamond Tier Award. We got two. And making this Double Diamond achievement has got all of us around here as pumped up as a skier who just conquered Corbet’s Couloir. Why? Because in honoring us with two Diamond Tier trophies, FedEx is telling us and our customers across the globe – not just once, but twice – that we are among a chosen few FedEx partners who have exactly what it takes to accelerate the parcel shipping performance and capabilities for the world’s top brands, manufacturers, distributors, e-commerce companies, and third-party logistics providers.

Logistyx CEO Geoffrey Finlay and Jeff Lomax, Vice President, Product Management, standing in front of Logistyx sign holding Diamond Tier award trophies.
Logistyx CEO Geoffrey Finlay gives a warm welcome back to Jeff Lomax, Vice President, Product Management, upon his return from a FedEx award ceremony in which Logistyx received not just one – but two – highly coveted and extremely rare Diamond Tier award trophies.