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Logistyx Gives Thanks

It’s that time of the year.  A time where we take stock and think about friends, family, the events that made this year remarkable, and the people who contribute each day to our success.  We’re appreciating our milestones and the fun we’ve had achieving them – because yes, this is fun – and while we couldn’t possibly highlight everyone and everything for which we’re thankful, there are a handful that stand out:

1. We are thankful for our customers.

Here at Logistyx, we know big breakthroughs and progress can’t happen in silos.  It requires working collaboratively with our customers to solve their business problems – generating the kind of energy that fuels growth, innovation, and success.  Therefore, we are thankful for our customers’ commitment, enthusiasm, and inspiration.  Without it, we couldn’t possibly innovate parcel shipping technology the way we do.

And our customers’ intelligence and dedication shine in myriad ways: the thoughtful feedback they provide on our tools and technology… the challenges they pose… the “outside of the box” thinking they often demand… their willingness to evangelize on our behalf… and their renewed commitment to our partnership year after year.  From their logistics teams to their customer service representatives, we know our customers’ names – and they know ours.  We count on them to inspire us and to engage in an ongoing, two-way “listen and learn.”  They make us better, and it’s our mission to use our customers as a catalyst to continuous improvement.

To every Logistyx customer: thank you, once again, for your partnership with Logistyx Technologies.

2. We are thankful for our partners.

From our software partners… to our system integration partners… to our carrier and carrier network partners, Logistyx is part of an amazing parcel shipping ecosystem.  Our partner community includes global supply chain leaders that have a track record of excellence and a proven commitment to the customer.  They’re experts in e-commerce, warehouse management, shipping, and more… and together, we provide a complete and customized supply chain solution that enables manufacturers, retailers, and logistics service providers to ship around the world – faster, smarter, and for less.

Our partners truly believe in our product roadmap, and they’re quick to make a referral, participate in a joint case study, and present our collective results to any and all who will listen. This is truly just the beginning for distribution – e-commerce, omnichannel, and otherwise – and we look forward to continually innovating parcel shipping software in conjunction with our partners that powers on-time delivery in full at the optimal cost.

To our partners:  thank you for being part of our journey.

3. We are thankful for our team.

To the employees who come in everyday and often stay late, who share their positive attitudes, and whose tireless efforts make Logistyx’s success possible: we are grateful. The men and women who work at Logistyx are intelligent, dedicated, and take pride in the fruits of their labor. They embrace new ideas, rise to the challenge, examine problems from a new angle, and recover quickly when results aren’t as planned. Their hard work and commitment to our customers and to each other is unparalleled.

From Chicago to St. Louis… from Tulsa to Toronto… from Amsterdam to Singapore… from London to Peru: thank you.

4. We are thankful for our success.

Nothing makes us happier than when our customers and partners come together to share our mutual successes.  Our case studies and press releases represent a cornucopia (Thanksgiving pun intended!) of learning and achievements, and the opportunities and results highlighted therein are an important part of who we are.  We’re proud to have broadened our customers’ possibilities, and every time we read the latest case study or see the newest headline, we’re reminded we’re doing something right. Bringing people and technology together to define best practices in parcel shipping?  That’s irreplaceable.

To the employees, customers, and partners who work so diligently to ensure our results: thank you.

5. We are thankful for our history.

Almost three years ago, ADSI, Agile Network, and Pantechnik International (all with roots in supply chain leaders like Tandata, Tracer, Kewill, and more) came together to form the world’s first global parcel analytics platform: Logistyx Technologies.  And we are particularly proud of the expertise and insight this history affords us.

With 1,500 years of parcel shipping-specific experience under our belts and 1,000+ global customers, what Logistyx unequivocally knows is for large enterprises tackling complex distribution scenarios and same-day/next-day delivery expectations, there is no “one size fits all” approach to parcel shipping. Carrier networks vary. Fulfillment scenarios differ. Customs and cross-border regulations diverge from one region to the next. But one thing always remains the same despite these nuances, and that’s our history in the industry – and as a direct byproduct: the necessary expertise to help shippers maximize profits per shipment.  What’s more, we are prouder than ever to continually build on this expertise by hiring trailblazers, strategists, developers, and relationship-makers to help us write our next chapters.

To all of the characters, past and present, in our story: thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

As stated at the beginning of this post, we couldn’t possibly highlight everything; we’ve simply accomplished too much this year.  But we wanted to seize this moment and thank the people who impact us every day and shape our trajectory.


Eat.  Enjoy friends and family.  Watch football.  Eat again.  And have a happy Thanksgiving!